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> >> I have a better idea, let’s first compare the resources of the Flat
> >> Earth Society with the resources of NASA and other world-wide
> >> astrophysical research organizations. And of course all those
> >> sphero-hoax movies which depict the earth as round.

> >If you are attempting to compare the resources of NASA with those
> >who promote the Holocaust, then you have strengthened my argument.
> >Thanks!

> When I first read posts from our friend Mr. Tim “landpost” McCarthy,
> I thought to myself “surely two people that stupid cannot exist.”
> It looks like I was wrong. Oh well, I guess I should learn never to
> underestimate the net.public.
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Mr. Schultz, the only “stupid” people around here are those who know
nothing about political economy. The so-called “debate” over holocaust
revisionism is virtually non-existant. The exterminationist
perspective enjoys a level of intellectual hegemony of which any other
viewpoint can boast. There is no other issue which is so thoroughly one-sided.

The reasoning which you and your ilk present states that this hegemony
exists simply because of the strength of the exterminationist
argument. I would suggest that the political, legal and financial strength
of those who promote the holocaust is probably the main reason why it
has become so dominant.

Mr. Schultz, people who place the revisionists in the same category as
the “flat earthers” are simply clouding the issue. This is the same as
saying they necessarily subscribe to the IJC. I cannot recall the
last time someone in Canada was actually jailed for saying the earth
was flat. I cannot recall the last time a group took the time to lobby
federal, provincial and municipal politicians for the purpose of
finding new ways to “punish” flat earthers.

Mr. Schultz, I do not recall the last time the federal government contributed
$100,000 to refute flat earth theorists. This is exactly what was
done in Canada in 1993. The Canadian Task Force on Revisionism was
formed for the purpose of countering groups that “deny the holocaust.” (Ottawa
Citizen, July 23/93, p. A3.) It is also knowsn as the “truth squad.” It
consists of academics, clergymen, lawyers and volunteers. Obviously,
the government is scared of something. This is hardly the kind of
funding which has been allocated to refute the flat earth theory.
The academics are present to declare holocaust heretics “stupid,”
while the clegymen will declare them “evil,” while the lawywers will
tie them up in the courts and milk them financially.
Talk about intimidation!

Mr. Schultz, I and many other Canadians have grown extremely sick and
tired of hearing about the holocaust on almost a daily basis. In
Canada, the holocaust has assumed the status of state religion. With
the decline of Christianity, the holocaust has emerged as Canada’s
moral compass. The heresy of this religion is revisionism. This heresy
is taken much more seriously in our society than the flat earth theory is
in scientific circles. People are actually PUNISHED for being on the
“wrong” side of this issue!

Mr. Schultz, more and more Canadians are becoming increasingly
disgusted with being told again and again that we are all a bunch of
potential neo-Nazis, who at any moment, could launch into some sort of
genocidal tirade. This is the implicit “lesson” of the holocaust. It
is, as Mark Weber would say, a view which holds nothing but contempt
for the human condition. This is an incredibly insulting theme. Mr.
Schultz, the hysteria of holocaust-promotion is becoming increasing stifling.

The Canadian Majority is being morally suffocated with this
never-ending “it could happen again at any moment” preaching. This
sledgehammer campaign is increasing with the passage of time. Frankly,
if it’s intention is to make us better people, it is failing. Before
long, the Jewish lobby will have lobbied for so many thought-control
measures that we will have virtually no free speech left in this
country. In the name of fighting revisionism, Canada could very well
lose its free speech. And that would be a shame.

Mr. Schultz, the main reason why revisionsism has not become an
attractive option for Canadians is because of the extraordinary might
of those promoting the holocaust. The political, legal, spiritual and
social impact of the flat earth theory has very little impact on the
daily lives of most people. The holocaust has become part of our daily

This is so not because most people want it that way, but
because we have no choice in the matter. If revisionist circles had
not been so thoroughly villified, then you would see a huge increase
in the ranks. However, people simply cannot afford to lose their jobs
and have their characters ritually defamed.

Mr. Schultz, one of the first things taught in political science 101
are theories of power. One of the sure signs of power is when A is so
powerful that B is too scared to challenge A. People are not scared of
joining the flat earth society. But they are petrified of the entire
holocaust issue. It terrifies people. Your side has won not because
everyone necessarily believes in what has been shoved down our
throats, but because people are simply too intimidated. And with
bloody good reason.
> Richard Schultz

> “I seem to smell a peculiar and a fishlike smell.”

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I was watching an episode of 60 Minutes several months ago and was
exposed to a most shocking quote. It came from a high ranking member
of the World Jewish Congress whose first name I could not make out
from the television, but whose second name was Steinberg. The topic
was that controversial post-war camp in Poland in which Germans were
allegedly tortured and murdered. I later stumbled across an article which
spelled the camp name as Swietochlowice.

The feature of this segment focused upon a Jewish journalist who had
exposed the brutality of one of the camp’s Jewish torturers named Solomon
Morel. Mr. Steinberg was extremely concerned about the story’s
allegations. He questioned the lack of documentary evidence and also
the motives of those providing accounts of what allegedly occured at
this camp. He then uttered the following shocker:

The problem is, when you investigate something as serious as
this, you cannot rely on eyewitnesses, who, even with the best of
intentions, with the best of intentions (repeat not mine), can give
you misleading information.

Eithe Mr. Steinberg is promoting the world’s most stunning hypocrisy,
or he has been paying attention to the revisionist historical

Mr. Steinberg, on this same segment, also uttered the following:

You better be damn sure you have evidence there, because if
you don’t, you are not simply blackening him (Solomon Morel), you’re
blackening the memory of six million martyrs.

Mr. Steinberg, the entire Western World has been “blackened” several
hundred times over by the massive holocaust campaign which portrays
the entire Western World as nothing but a killing machine.
Interestingly, Mr. Steinberg and others within his community can sure
dish out moral condemnation, but they sure as hell can’t take it!

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