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> >>I have been pondering the strange “debating techniques” employed by
> >>Canada’s own Mr. Griswold for some time, and thought it might be
> >>instructive to re-examine his comments. It is my hope that they might
> >>shed some small light on the chappie’s viewpoints, particularly as
> >>regards racism and Canada’s First Nations.

> >Let’s not forget one of Canada’s most historically racist institutions:
> >the Ministry of Indian and Northern Affairs.

> >When the South African government was developing it’s segragation
> >policies it based much of the framework on Canada’s treatment
> >of its native populations (through the various incarnations of
> >this Federal Ministry).

> You’re quite correct. Sadly, little has changed through the years.

Mr. McVay, please take a close look at my signature. 🙂

In particular, pay very close attention to the last part of the last
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“Perhaps the first law of racism it that racism begets racism.
Paradoxically, so does antiracism, which focuses so much attention
on race and implants it so deeply in the public consiousness that the
net amound of racism is greatly increased. Antiracism, moreover,
permits many people to practice racism vicariously by adopting the
cause of every race but their own.”

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