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First of all, you are going to have to prove to me that he
preached hatred. You are simply parroting media hype. I
defy you to come up with a single quote wherein he preached

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David Duke: The Messenger and His Message

by Chip Berlet and Margaret Quigley

..Just this past spring on WBZ Radio, Duke was
more candid than usual. “I think the basic
culture of this country is European and
Christian,” said Duke, “and I think if we lose
that, we lose America….I don’t think we should
suppress other races, but I think that if we lose
that white–what’s the word for it–dominance in
America, with it we lose America.” While he
repudiated a 1989 statement that Judaism was
“vile” and “anti-Christian,” he maintained that
there were aspects of Judaism that were,
including “passages in the Talmud which say that
Christians should be strangulated [sic] and that
Christ was a bastard and Mary was a whore.”

Chip Berlet and Margaret Quigley are analysts
with Political Research Associates in Cambridge,
Mass., an organization that has monitored the
political right wing for the past ten years.
PRA, 678 Mass. Ave., #205 Cambridge, MA 02139

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