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New-Republic 990614

In response to “Denial.com” by Jeremy McCarter (May 10, 1999), the
latest issue of _The New Republic_ printed 4 letters to the editor
(under the banner “Truth in Labeling”), including one by me, which they
slightly edited. (New Republic, June 14, 1999, p. 53)
To the Editors:

One reason most librarians oppose the labeling of books, which Jeremy
McCarter suggests that bookstores do, is that it implies that any book
without a label is therefore accurate, good, safe, non-dangerous, etc.
As anyone can see, this would be impossible to guarantee, and is not the
job of a library or bookseller.

Although the Library of Congress finally adopted the subject heading
“Holocaust Denial Literature” in 1997, many older books were
cataloged with different headings — hence Walter N. Sanning’s book,
_The Dissolution of Eastern European Jewry_, which seeks to prove that
the Jews said to have died in the Holocaust were actually absorbed into
Soviet territory, bears the seemingly inexplicable L.C. subject headings
“Jews –Europe, Eastern–History” and “Europe, Eastern–Ethnic
relations.” It would appear that many of the online booksellers are
using L.C. records.

John A. Drobnicki
Jamaica, New York