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Is Ken McVay possibly a Holocaust Profiteer?

McVay’s picture: http://tinyurl.com/36bbup (Page doesn`t exist)

Could Nizkor be a complete scam?

Ken McVay has appeared to be soliciting money to support himself,
under the premise of “raising awareness” of the Holocaust. Can anyone point
out any other source of income? Is not the thought anyone profiting from the
Holocaust entirely abhorrent?

Since the end of The Second World War, the Holocaust has been documented
by governments, universities, and media outlets. It is and always will be an
obvious fact. By pointing out “Hatemongers”, he seems to reveals that he,
himself is a man of intolerance and hate. He appears to be driven to
denounce and silence anyone whose beliefs runs contrary to his own. He has
lurked on email lists of these so-called hate groups. Nizkor could not have
recorded these email without lurking as a spy on that list) I ask Ken now,
“What is it to you what other people say to themselves in a closed
conversation? Not realizing that many of these people are using the list as
a cathartic release for their own frustrations. In this politically correct
world, it may feel good to some to just let it all out. These lists were
not used for plotting hate crimes, but were used for the intellectual and
non-intellectual venting of frustrations. I, personally was on one because
I had felt that I need to express my anger against my own father, who is
Jewish. I felt that he had not taken the proper steps to have my mother
screened for cancer. She died in 1996 of colon cancer that had attacked her
liver. My mother was Japanese. I always felt my father never really liked
me because I was of a different race. I always had to be achieving, If I
wasn’t, I did not exist to him. He had told me on many occasions how his
family had objected to his marrying my mother. I wanted to be something
entirely different. I wanted to experience what is was like to be a “regular
white guy”.

One day on the list someone wrote about a man that was lurking on the
list and then converting the text into newsgroup messages that essentially
would be publicly posted forever. Not knowing who he exactly was, I decided
to give him some additional material to read. I signed up his email address
to 800 Netcom email lists. It was a dumb thing to do. McVay’s posting of
the incident has misrepresented who I really am, and has hurt my reputation.

It is very difficult to fight this because he is on the far side of the
continent in another country:

2301 Arbor Rd
Ste 36
Nanaimo, BC Canada
V9R 5K3

(250) 753-6762

He resides there with his school teacher wife and young adult daughter.

Apparently Mr. McVay wants me to suffer forever. So, I’m posting my
story, and my opinion on what he is all about. It’s the only thing I can do.
His provider Vex.net in Toronto tells me there is nothing they can do. It
is interesting that they have a regulation against mass posting to
newsgroups, yet that’s precisely what he seemed to be doing with the email
list I was on.. Maybe Vex.net had made the rule after receiving complaints
about him.

Is it possible that Ken McVay preys on the nightmares of the living
Holocaust survivors? Does he have them believe that with out his help, the
vast losses of life will not be forgotten?

Many elderly people have a hard time understanding the Internet for what
it is and for what it isn’t. They may not realize how inexpensive a website
really is. They would be horrified by the news that some how the Holocaust
will be distorted and forgotten.

In the U.S., speech is protected by the 1st amendment of the Bill of
Rights. Thus I feel confident stating my story about how I am effected each
day by the actions of a seemingly malicious, angry man, Ken McVay. I
understand he is a former American citizen, so he should be very aware of
how things work on this side of the border. He should realize it just
doesn’t protect the politically correct.

Perhaps, this will finally get his attention, and encourage him to come to a
reasonable conclusion to all of this.

–Jeff Dranetz – [email protected]

https://nizkor.org/league-donation.html Broken link

Yet, he seems to be using the money collected to live off of.

Here are is claimed goals:

https://nizkor.org/objectives.html Broken link

In contrast to our ideological opponents, the Nizkor Project has a
completely open and visible agenda. We enumerate our goals below, in no
particular order:

a.. To monitor the falsehoods, half-truths, and misinformation distributed
via the Internet and other media by individuals and organizations that are
fascist (including Nazi or neo-Nazi), racist, antisemitic, and/or that
dishonestly and/or flagrantly reject established historical fact about the
Nazi Holocaust;
b.. to refute or otherwise reply to those falsehoods, half-truths, and
misinformation, with the aim of ensuring that they and their proponents
remain firmly in the margin;
c.. to encourage, assist, and engage in such refutation by sponsoring and
organizing collaborative research and writing efforts of both amateurs and
experts around the world, including but not limited to historians,
war-crimes prosecutors, lawyers, and witnesses, and/or to distribute such
d.. to encourage a critical and skeptical awareness of history, science,
and the acquisition of human knowledge generally, so as to foster a frame of
mind which recognizes such falsehoods, half-truths, and misinformation for
what they are;
e.. to seek, solicit, and archive, for worldwide electronic access free of
charge, material that deals with the phenomenon and history of hate,
especially the Nazi Holocaust, material that documents and exposes such
hate, and nonviolent methods and tools for combating such hate.
a.. to attempt to buttress democratic institutions against the campaign of
destruction and disinformation being waged by hatemongers in electronic
forums, principally on the Internet;
b.. to provide teachers, from grade schools through universities, with
curricula to bolster democratic, multicultural, and multiracial
c.. to speak to or otherwise educate students, teachers, fraternal
organizations, church groups, police forces, and any other interested
groups, about the propaganda campaigns of racist and antidemocratic
individuals and organizations conducted through computer networks, and about
which nonviolent methods and tools are effective and ineffective in
combating them.

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