Doubts at nizkor claim, Covington Harold


My recent announcement that Nizkor had succeeded in pressuring
America On Line to pull the NSWPP website off the air produced one very
strange response, which I’m still not quite sure what to make of. Let me
state at the outset that this e-mail I got may well be a fake. It came
through an anonymous server and I have no way of knowing the real author.
But if it’s NOT a fake—hoo boy, a very interesting can of worms indeed may
soon burst open!

Bearing in mind my reservations about this communique’s
authenticity, I will not quote it specifically. Besides, if it IS authentic
the last thing I want to do is cause this person trouble, and his or her
“colleagues” might recognize the author from style or content. Briefly, the
e-mail I received purports to be from someone involved with Nizkor.

For those of you who have the good fortune to be unfamiliar with
them, Nizkor are the evil cyber-munchkins who claim to be devoted to
refuting Holocaust revisionism through open debate, but whose definition of
“debate” includes some of the most vile and arrogant personal invective I
have ever read and apparently also includes every way they can devise to
silence those who think politically incorrect thoughts by driving them off
the Internet. They run several controlled newsgroups based on the principle
of the Maoist “struggle session” wherein anyone who thinks independently or
questions received orthodoxy is subjected to an intense battering of abuse,
vilification, insult, and other deranged behavior.

The head honcho of Nizkor is a Sixties retread named Ken McVay,
assisted by two women named Hilary Ostrov, who I assume is a Jew, and Jamie
McCarthy. (One contact of mine says Jamie McCarthy is a man, by the by. She
sounds female to me, but whatever. Maybe he or she is an “it”; nowadays you
can never tell. For present purposes I’ll stick with she, but I’m open to
any solid info there.) McVay has recently begun to enjoy his Fifteen Minutes
and has been the subject of several adoring media stories about how he’s
trouncing us nasty old Nazis on the Net. He’s doing nothing of the kind, of
course—he refused an offer to debate with me and after my first e-mail
message has refused to respond ever since. Together with his two sidekicks
and a cast of kosher auxiliaries like Arthur Mathis, Joel Rosenberg, Sara
Swartz, and a number of lesser lights they play in their newsgroups like
kids in a sandbox and surreptitiously send spams, mail bombs, bogus
complaints to ISPs, and fraudulent e-mails all over to try and silence those
who refuse to think as we’re told.

Okay, getting back to my mysterious e-mail, the crux of it is that
the author claims Nizkor is now involved in a moral crisis; there is
allegedly feuding between the gentiles and the Jews involved over who calls
the shots, rumors abound to the effect that McVay has shadowy handlers who
remain in the background but for whom he is basically an errand boy
following orders, and ABOVE ALL—some of the gentile Nizkorians are
beginning to DOUBT.

They began their crusade with a fundamentalist fervor; the Holocaust
was Holy Writ and any questioning of the dogma of the Six Million was heresy
deserving only of the rack, the gallows, and the stake. These people spend
their leisure hours reading Revisionist material in order to refute it,
learning the Revisionist dialectic in order to expose it as false—and they
trip over their own shoelaces. They find that contrary to their own claims,
Revisionists generally DO have their facts straight. They find that more
often than not, when facts are run to earth the Revisionists are right and
the Exterminationists are wrong. They perform semantic and quasi-scientific
acrobatics to get around that damning and damnable Leuchter Report, but it
never quite rings true. After a while the inconsistencies in the Holocaust
myth start to become more noticeable, more glaring, harder and harder to
explain away.

Have I got it right, O mystery correspondent mine? That’s what it
struck me you were trying to say. It makes sense that’s the way it would happen.

The nub of it is that Nizkor allegedly is now preparing what amounts
to a heresy trial for one of their associates. This unnamed heretic [my
source is maddeningly reticent about details] has gone so far as to express
doubts about what the group is doing on moral grounds, suppressing freedom
of speech and freedom of thought and so on.

Worse still, he/she has expressed cautious agreement with certain
points of the Revisionist position, specifically the twin ideological
pillars of the whole Holocaust religion. He/she now believes that the
Auschwitz gas chambers are in fact fakes which were assembled after the war
by the Communists, and he/she also believes that there never was any
concerted plan on the part of Adolf Hitler or the government to exterminate
the Jews of Europe, i.e. the camps were for forced labor and conditions were
bad, food and medicine scarce, guards brutal and sometimes sadistic, and
death rates high—but there was no deliberate extermination plan. In other
words, no gassing. In other words, the whole house of cards has come
tumbling down in this person’s mind, for which he/she will doubtless be
burned at the stake, figuratively speaking.

I have believed ever since my first contact with these people that
at the very least Ken McVay, Hilary Ostrov, and Jamie McCarthy are quite
well aware of the fact that they are defending and propagating a massive
historical hoax. As I said, I do not insist on the authenticity or accuracy
of this e-mail I got—but it SOUNDS legit. It SOUNDS like exactly the sort
of thing one would expect when you rope basically decent, intelligent people
into lending themselves to a left-wing cause—Lenin called such
well-meaning liberal dupes “useful idiots”—but the useful turn out to be
not quite so idiotic, capable of independent thought, refuse to put on the
blinders and stop using their eyes and their minds.

There is a very good book which I recommend highly by a man named
Eugene Lyons called THE RED DECADE; it is about the way the liberal
intelligentsia in the West was roped into supporting Stalin and the Soviet
Union and world Communism as the “wave of the future” and “the hope of
peace”, always in the face of mounting evidence that the USSR was a
murderous, corrupt and inhuman tyranny controlled by an uncouth Asiatic
despot who didn’t give a tinker’s damn about the toiling masses. One of the
most interesting chapters deals with how the well-meaning liberals
eventually woke up and smelled the coffee and realized how they had been
duped and used. There’s another good book on the same subject which I

The Nizkor situation is significant, because for the first time
organized Jewry has actually allowed some kind of Holocaust debate to take
place. They seem to have realized that given the realities of the Internet,
they now have no choice. The fact that it isn’t really a debate is
irrelevant; as part of this project, for the first time, the “useful idiots”
have been allowed to get a look at uncut, unsanitized Revisionist
material—and some of them are recoiling in horror as they realize that it
is truth, and the enormity of the implications strike them.

I predict that just as the Thirties, Forties, and Fifties were full
of defectors and apostates from the Communist cause, like Whittaker
Chambers, Arthur Koestler, Andre Gide, and Eugene Lyons himself, Nizkor’s
net effect will be to produce the first apostates from the Holocaust
religion—those who once Believed with a capital B, but who now understand
that all their lives they have been Deceived, with a capital D.

“This destiny does not tire, nor can it be broken, and its mantle of
strength descends upon those in its service.” – Francis Parker Yockey, IMPERIUM

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