Don Ellis & ‘’

Over the years, several “revisionist scholars” – finding their arguments completely lacking in merit or substance – have resorted to childish namecalling in their attempts to discredit those who have exposed their unsavoury propaganda and racist anti-semitic dogma for what it is. Don Ellis, of Arkansas, is no exception.

Mr. Ellis, the owner and operator of the pruriently homophobic “American Guardian” site, is responsible for the attempted copycat “” site, which mimics, a site with a distinguished record of monitoring and exposing hate sites on the Internet.

Mr. Ellis posted a link encouraging his visitors to visit the Nizkor site when his initial attempts to discredit Nizkor’s Director, Ken McVay, failed. This link, which honoured Nizkor as the “hate site of the month,” was accompanied by the following text:

This hate site is operated by Ken McVay, who fled America into Canada and landed a job as a gas station attendant. Some people believe the false holocaust information posted by McVay is a smoke screen for a closeted homosexual activist. McVay has repeatly refused to deny these rumors.

McVay are you a homosexual?

We thank Mr. Ellis for his assistance in making Nizkor one of the most extensively linked sites on the net, and for providing this evidence of our resounding success in confronting hatred and bigotry on the internet.

Ellis, under a variety of guises, attempted ad hominem attacks which intimated that Mr. McVay, known to be a proud grandfather of 8, was a homosexual. These decidedly unimaginative posts from one who practices the “Zero Tolerance” that his “American Guardian” site preaches, have been archived for your inspection.

(Mr. Ellis tried to make up for his lack of creativity and quality through sheer quantity. Most of his contributions, however, simply repeated the question “McVay, are you a homosexual?”)

As is always the case when such individuals demonstrate their fear of open discussion of the Holocaust and hate-related issues, Mr. Ellis refused to explain how Mr. McVay’s sexuality would affect the validity of the documents archived on Nizkor. When asked, for instance, if the Nuremberg and Eichmann transcripts would somehow become less credible if Mr. McVay were a homosexual, Ellis could only resort to his failed mantra, “McVay, are you a homosexual?”

Mr. Ellis rose to new heights of vulgarity, when, having failed at getting Mr. McVay to respond to his trolls, he turned his attention to Sara Salzman, the Nizkor volunteer who produced The OSS Hitler Papers and the Eichmann transcripts for the Nizkor site.

Some readers of Ellis’ remarks have chosen to acknowledge his efforts by contributing to the Nizkor trust fund. If you would like to show your appreciation of Mr. Ellis’ efforts on our behalf, we would be pleased to inform him that further contributions have been made – in recognition of the “honour” he has bestowed on Nizkor.