Do your own homework, Mr. Giwer.

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Subject: Re: Dresden?
Date: 26 Jun 1996 09:27:21 -0400
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[Series of exchanges between Mr. Stein and Mr. Giwer concerning incinerators at Auschwitz.]

[…]Mr. Stein:

“Then, of course, the Nazis used incineration pits, and of course, there was the proposed Krema VI….”

Mr. Giwer:
“Of course you will never post your evidence of this nor will you ever admit you made it up. There were common trash incinerators around”

Mr. Stein:
“Around Auschwitz? Large enough to accommodate a corpse? Of course you will never post your evidence of this nor will you ever admit you made it up.”

Mr. Giwer:
“It would be interesting to read your ideas of just how small the incinerators would be in the equivalent of a city of 80,000. ”

Mr. Stein:
“That’s right – I guess you don’t have landfill in Florida.”

Mr. Giwer:
“You have just bracketed your age. There were NO trash landfills before the EPA got into banning incineration.”

Mr. Stein:
“I don’t know if they had any incinerators at all, as opposed to landfill or pit burning. If you can document the existence of any incinerators at Auschwitz at all, of any size, please do so. ”

Mr. Giwer:
“What a juvenile. When you learn something get back to me.”

Of course Mr. Giwer is unable to document the existence of any incinerators, so he has to resort to namecalling.

Mark Van Alstine has done Mr. Giwer’s homework for him, however. There was at least one incinerator (of unspecified size). “What people have to realize is that we are faced with posts like this. They seem to believe that there was no history before they were born and that landfills were always the way things were done.”

Mr. Giwer distorts what I said. Nothing I said implies that landfills were always the way things were done. I also mentioned the possibility of heap burning. I am quite aware that landfill is not the only method.

But Mr. Giwer provides no documentation about what was actually present at Auschwitz. He must fall back on handwaving and calling names because he cannot back up his empty assertion with documentation. Mark Van Alstine had to do his homework for him. “No matter how stupid that is, incineration was the preferred method up until the EPA got the power to ban it. There were no landfills prior to then. Incineration is cheaper. (speaking of bodies …)

No documentation, just assertion. This may be true, but it proves nothing about what the actual situation was at Auschwitz. Mr. Giwer is handwaving here because he has no idea what the situation was at Auschwitz, or didn’t until Mark Van Alstine did his homework for him.

This despite the fact that Mr. Giwer has repeatedly told others to do their own homework.

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