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Thought you may be interested in the subject letter.

Bob Dj.

August 4, 1997; 10:42 AM (PDT)

Paul Schatt
Phoenix, AZ

Subject: “A Cry for Justice” – Perspective’s feature, 8/03/97

Dear Paul,

“A Cry for Justice?” shouted the headline of your Sunday (Aug. 3)
Perspectives feature story, sitting above an impressive graphic image
which depicted the Star of David on a Swiss bank vault, inside of which
was a burning Nazi flag, a skull and a pile of cash. Just as the
graphic itself smacks of plagiarism (see Mike Keefe’s July 30 cartoon in
the Denver Post which first used the same Swiss bank vault idea), the
arguments which your OpEd pieces advance are also deja vu.

Farley Weiss and Charles Gati attempt to make a new case out of an old
extortion scheme called the Holocaust. Weiss, of the Jewish
Anti-Defamation League, for example, repeats an old chant that “the
Nazis murdered 6 million Jews.”

To be sure, many Jews did perish in WW II. Just how many, however, is a
matter of considerable dispute. Some Jewish historians put the
estimated number of victims at 1.25 million (Prof. Raul Hilberg, author
of the book, “The Annihilation of European Jewry,” 2nd. ed. 1968).

According to a 1951 book, “The Iron Curtain Over America,” by Col. John
Beaty, a respected historian and a member of the U.S. military
intelligence operations during WW II, there were only 600,000 Jews among
Germany’s 69 million population back in 1939. The World Almanac for
1940 gives the world’s Jewish population as 15,319,359. The World
Almanac for 1949 puts the number of Jews in the world at 15,713,638.

If the World Almanac figures are correct, “the world’s Jewish population
did not decrease in the war decade, but showed a small increase.”(!)
This prompted Col. Beaty to wonder, “where Hitler got the 6 million Jews
he is said to have killed?”

Of course, even one victim of the Nazi pogroms was one too many, in this
writer’s opinion – no matter what his/her religious or ethnic
denomination. The Jews were by no means the only victims of the Nazi
atrocities, as Weiss and Gati articles would lead your readers to

For example, over 20 million (mostly Christian) Russians also lost their
lives in WW II. And some two million Poles. And about one-and-a-half
million Yugoslavs (mostly Christian Serbs). And yes, let us not forget
the 5 million (mostly Christian) Germans who were unaccounted for at the
end of the war. About 4 million of them were civilians; about one
million were missing soldiers.

How come there is no “Cry for Justice,” no demands for restitutions to
the families of these non-Jewish victims of WW II? Because Christian
lives are more expendable? Or because the New York bankers and
stockbrokers happen to be expanding in Europe right now, and are finding
it quite opportune to kill two birds with one stone – put their Swiss
banking competitors on a “PR” defensive, and extort some money from
them, too?

Furthermore, most of the American media, including the Arizona Republic,
has all but ignored the July 22 Associated Press story about the Vatican
holding some 200 million of Swiss francs ($170 million) in gold coins
plundered from the (mostly) Serb victims of the pro-Nazi Croat Ustashe
during WW II. (At just one Ustashe death camp – Jasenovac, southeast of
Zagreb, Croatia – about 700,000 Serbs were killed, 30,000 to 35,000 Jews
and about 25,000 Gypsies, according to a Jewish researcher who talked to
survivors in Yugoslavia and Israel). By contrast, the Vatican story was
front page news in Britain, for example.

Why the silence by the U.S. media? Because the Serb gold at the Vatican
is less valuable to the New York financial institutions than is the
Jewish gold in Switzerland? (After all, the Vatican is not a banking
competitor, at least not openly). Or is the indifference due to the
fact that many major U.S. media organizations happen to be owned or
controlled by Jewish-Americans who, as we now see quite plainly, do not
hesitate to manipulate news stories to suit their business interests?

While “crying for justice,” we must not forget the Holocaust-size terror
which the Allies bombers rained on German civilians, either. In Dresden
alone, more than 130,000 human beings were literally incinerated by the
American and British bombers (your readers should check out the
masterpiece, “Slaughterhouse-Five,” by Kurt Vonnegut). Anything that
the German Luftwaffe did to England pales in comparison to the mass
murder which the Allies committed in Dresden, Hiroshima, Nagasaki…

Yet, the men who ordered such ghastly atrocities had the audacity to set
themselves up as defenders of the human race at the Nuremberg Trials.
If Nuremberg were about justice, the WW II Western leaders should have
been at least the “backbenchers,” if not the front row-occupants of the
prisoner dock. For, the “governments in the 20th century have murdered
about 200 million people” (NOT counting wars [!]), according to Prof.
R.J. Rumble, of the University of Hawaii.

So, if your Perspectives feature were indeed “A Cry for Justice,” why
did it not cry out for restitution to the victims of the Allies’
barbarism as well? Because the American government and bankers would
also have to pay? Or because that might spell the end of some welfare

Rather than debate what did or did not happen over half a century ago,
shouldn’t we, the U.S. taxpayers, be debating why, for example, now that
the Cold War is over, we are still shelling out $5.7 billion per year in
direct aid and loan guarantees to Israel? Or to Egypt? Or doing
business with some Middle-Eastern nations which condone terrorist
attacks on Americans (e.g., Saudi Arabia)?

Or is that another “untouchable” subject for the “free” American press?

Best regards,

Bob Djurdjevic

encl. Mike Keefe’s cartoon

Bob Djurdjevic
Phoenix, Arizona
e-mail: [email protected]

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