Dignity, Beam Louis

“European Fascists Gear Up for Terror Campaign

Working closely with their American counterparts, European
neo-fascists in Britain, Germany and the Scandinavian countries are
stepping up efforts to mount a continent wide campaign of terror
against people of color, jews, and political enemies. The campaign,
dubbed the ‘anti-antifa’ (for anti-anti-fascist), comes in the wake
of a year of unprecedented racist violence in Europe.

The neo-Nazi declaration of war was fully articulared in a recent
German publication, ‘Der Einblick’ (Insight), a 42-page pamphlet
which contains the names and addresses of over 250 anti-fascists,
including trade union leaders, journalists and their organizations
and meeting places. The pamphlet carries the P.O. boxes of the
neo-Nazi groups the Freiheitliche Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (FAP) and
the Gesinnungsgemeinschaft der Neue Front (GDNF) of Germany and the
DNSP of Denmark. These organizations have developed working ties
with one another and with their British allies in Combat 18, a
terror group uncovered in early 1993 by the anti-fascist monthly

On the pages of Der Einblick the top leadership in German neo-Nazi
networks issues a call to ‘neutralize all anti-German,
anti-nationalist forces’ and urge followers to ‘stop squandering
the enormous violent potential’ of the racist movement and to
‘mount successful counter actions.’ The publication contains
information on intelliigence gathering techniques and urges
neo-Nazis to cultivate relations with police so that ‘data can be
gathered without danger to oneself.’

The anti-antifa campaign is led by Germans Christian Worch and
Norbert Weidner. [Weidner is noted within the Simon Wiesenthal
Center’s infiltration report as an admirer of Hitler, and Holocaust
denier. The URL
http://ftp.nizkor.org/ftp.cgi?orgs/american/wiesenthal.center/swc.oprep – broken link 1
will produce the full report. knm]

Worch’s role in the anti-antifa is an extension of his leadership of
the GdNF which has for several years been the center of Germany’s
neo-Nazi underground and the coordinating body for front groups
such as the now-banned Deutsche Alternative. In 1992 Worch devoted
seven pages of his publication _Index_ to printing the addresses,
telephone numbers and photographs of anti-fascists.

Norbert Weidner is a well known thug who was given an 18 month
suspended sentence in 1991 for malicious wounding and grievous
bodily harm. Shortly after the publication of _Index_, he issued a
press release from ‘Anti-Antifa Bonn’ which stated that the
‘repression of the past years will be avenged.’

Worch’s GdNF has a strong relationship with key neo-Nazis in the
U.S. The GdNF is the German cadre structure of Gary Lauck’s
Nebraska-based NSDAP-AO, which considers itself the successor of
the German Nazi party. Lauck produces neo-Nazi newspapers in
several languages and has recently distributed a bomb making manual
on computer disk throughout Europe.

The British connection in the anti-antifa movement is Combat 18, a
neo-Nazi terror organization comprised of supporters of the British
National Party, the racist League of St. George and other assorted
U.K. thugs. C18 has been dedicated to the kind of opposition
research and anti-fascist terror called for in Der Einblick.

The U.S. connections to C18 are numerous. The group was formed in
part with the aid of North Carolina neo-Nazi Harold Covington, whos
P.O. box has served as the U.S. contact for C18. Covington is a
former leader of the Confederate Knights of America who praised the
1979 assassination of five Communist Workers Party members by
neo-Nazis in Greensboro, N.C.

Recent publications originating from the P.O. box of C18 leader
Charlie Sargent point out ties to U.S. racist leaders Louis Beam
and William Piece. One such publication titled ‘The Order’ printed
an outline of the concept of ‘Leaderless Resistance’ as promoted
by Beam, a longtime proponent of building the movement’s terrorist
underground. Sargent regularly distributes issues of Beam’s
publication ‘The Seditionist.’

Leaderless Resistance calls for acts of racist terror to be carried
out by individuals or small cells so as to avoid infiltration and
detection. This strategy, also promoted by Pierce’s 1989 novel
‘Hunter,’ complements the goals of the anti-antifa campaign.

The British and German terror teams are joined by neo-fascists from
Sweden and Denmark. Heading up the northern European anti-antifa
contingent are the White Aryan Resistance (VAM)/Storm netowrk from
Sweden and the neo-Nazi DNSB of Denmark. Der Einblick listed the
P.O. box of the DNSB, itself affiliated with Lauck’s NSDAP-AO.

The VAM/Storm has promoted Harold Covington’s book ‘The March Up
Country’ as required reading for dedicated neo-fascists. VAM began
stockpiling weapons in April 1991 following a raid on a Stockholm
police station. Like all of those involved in the international
anti-antifa campaign VAM has previously conducted opposition
research and printed the resultsin their publication _Storm_.

The formation of this terror network follows on the heels of the
most violently racist year in recent European history. In December
1993, for example, four neo-Nazis were arrested following a series
of mail bombings in Austria which left several people seriously
injured including the Mayor of Vienna. Members of the neo-fascist
‘Volkstreue Ausserparlementarische Opposition (VAPO) were linked to
the bombings. VAPO are cadres of both Christian Worch and Lauck’s
NSDAP-AO. VAPO reportedly has a list of over 1,000 names of its
political enemies.

Despite the clear threat of the campaign to anti-fascist
organizers, German authorities have been slow to respond to the
circulation of Der Einblick. Police in Rheinland-Pfalz reportedly
knew of the impending publication as early as June 7, though they
did not intervene. There is also evidence that anti-antifa members
have established relations with authorities in Bavaria. This
surfaced when a letter sent to the Bavarian interior minister by
Jewish community leader Ignatz Bubis denouncing a Hess
commemoration march ended up in the hands of neo-Nazis.”

From The Dignity Report, February 15, 1994. Published by the
research department of the Coalition for Human Dignity, P.O. Box
40344, Portland, Oregon 97240. (503) 281-5823

The Nizkor Project: Remembering the Holocaust (Shoah)

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