Dignity 030194, Allen Joe

Reprinted with permission – typos mine. knm

“Los Angeles Neo-Nazi Update

A number of racists belonging to the Los Angeles-based Fourth Reich
Skinheads pled guilty to a variety of charges relating to bombings
and conspiracies to deny civil rights. Christopher David Fasher,
the leader of the Fourth Reich Skinheads pled guilty in mid-October
to conspiracy and other charges related to a planned attack on a
African-American church in the area. Fisher pled guilty to one
count of conspiracy and one count of exploding a pipe bomb at a
Paramount, California house. A variety of charges were dropped in
the plea agreement, which includes a diversionary program and a
recommendation of a 10 year prison term. Fisher expressed regret at
the bombings and the planned bombing of the First AME church in Los

Carl Daniel Boese, a juvenile accomplice of Fisher’s, pled guilty
to conspiracy and of attacking the Temple Beth David Synagogue in
Westminster, California. Boese and Fisher were the only Fourth
Reich Skinheads to face Federal charges following the
highly-publicised FBI investigation into neo-Nazi networks in
California. Speculation continues as to whether the FBI’s main
informant, Joe Allen, was exposed by racists and the investigation
aborted. Allen was an ordained minister in the neo-nazi Church of
the Creator.

A racist weapons dealer, Christian Nadal was convicted in early
October, 1993 on 15 counts of selling and transferring illegal
weapons, while his wife, Doris Nadal, was convicted on a single
conspiracy charge. A _Los Angeles Times_ article (October 2, 1993)
reported that ‘Nazi literature and paraphernalia’ and a ‘framed
photograph of Adolf Hitler’ were discovered in one room of the
Nadal house. Testimony by the prosecution was also entered that
Christian Nadal wanted to make grenades and use atomic weapons to
force minorities to leave the country. The defense attempted to
make entrapment an issue, as both Joe Allen and FBI agent
Michael E. German, posing as white supremacists, were sold weapons
by the Nadals. A co-defendent of the Nadals, Christopher Berwick,
pled guilty in September 1993 to conspiring to manufacture and sell
illegal weapons.

Papers filed by the prosecution included a letter written by an
unidentified juvenile outlining the Fourth Reich Skinhead’s
ideological identification with Tom Metzger’s neo-Nazi group,
California-based White Aryan Resistance (WAR). The letter reads in

The White Aryan Resistance [considers] any man or group who
opposes the healthy defense of ones Aryanhood to be in the
contempt of Natural Law and contrary to the goals of Nature and
Aryan advancement. The guilty are sentenced to wear Piano Wire
Neck Ties… You have been judged GUILTY by the Orange County
Chapter of WAR… We look forward to meeting you in persons and
discussing an obvious difference of opinion.”

The Dignity Report, March 1, 1994, Vol. 2/No. 3.