Diary extracts Goebbels Joseph

I was browsing through a friend’s personal library this afternoon when I
came across an interesting find. In reading through it, I was struck by
the contrast between the bullshit image of the Nazi state, as promulaged
here by the cowards at b-cpu, and the reality as expressed by Goebbels…

(Quoted in “The Goebbels Diaries” Doubleday, 1948 – Louis P. Lochner, Editor.
Copyright 1948 by the Fireside Press, Inc. The publishers note that the
materials used in the book would be deposited with the Hoover Library at
Stanford University to encourage further study.)


Propaganda has only one object – to conquer the masses. Every means that
furthers this aim is good; every means that hinders it is bad.


The sufferings of the Russian people under Bolshevisim are indescribable.
This Jewish terrorism must be radically eliminated from all of Europe. That
is our historic task.

World Jewry will suffer a great catastrophe at the same time as Bolshevisim.
The Feuhrer once more expressed his determination to clean up the Jews in
Europe pitilessly. There must be no squeamish sentimentalism about it. The
Jews have deserved the catastrophe that has now overtaken them. Their
destruction will go hand in hand with the destruction of our enemies. We must
hasten this process with cold ruthlessness. We shall thereby render an
inestimable service to a humanity tormented for thousands of years by the
Jews. This uncompromising anti-Semitic attitude must prevail among our own
people despite all objectors. The Fuehrer express this idea vigorously and
repeated it afterward to a group of officers who can put that in their pipes
and smoke it.


Finally we talked about the Jewish question. Here the Fuehrer is as
uncompromising as ever. The Jews must be got out of Europe, if necessary
by applying the most brutal methods.


The United States has published statistics according to which there are
5,000,000 orthodox Jews in the United States. The United States can certainly
be described as a Class-1 Jew state. We are going to step up our anti-
Semitic propaganda so much that the word “Jew” will again be pronounced in
the derisive manner that it deserves, just as it was in the time for our
struggle for power. It must come to pass that even an enemy statesman won’t
dare to be seen in the company of a Jew without immediately being suspected
by his own people of being a stooge to the Jews.


I have devoted exhaustive study to the “Protocols of Zion.” In the past the
objection was always made that they were not suited to present-day propaganda.
In reading them now I find that we can use them very well. The “Protocols of
Zion” are as modern today as they were when published for the first time.

[Editor’s note: The Protocols of the Elders of Zion were a scurrilous
publication of alleged Jewish aims for world conquest and of the existence
of an occult Jewish Government which formed the basis of a celebrated libel
suit at Berne, Switzerland, in 1935. Experts from a number of countries,
including Germany, were summoned to testify. One claim was that the Protocols
had been fabricated by the Russian Czarist police. The ruling of the court on
May 14, 1935, was that the Protocols of Zion were forged and faked.]

At noon I mentioned this to the Fuehrer. He believed the Protocols were
absolutely genuine… The Jewish question, in the Fuehrer’s opinion, will play
a decisive role in England …. In all the world, he said, the Jews are alike.
Whether they live in a ghetto of the East or in the bankers’ palaces of the
City or Wall Street, they will always pursue the same aims and without
previous agreement even use the same means. One might well ask why are there
any Jews in the world order? That would be exactly like asking why are there
potato bugs? Nature is dominated by the law of struggle. There will always be
parasites who will spur this struggle on and intensify the process of
selection between the strong and the weak. The principle of struggle
dominates also in human life. One must merely know the laws of this struggle
to be able to face it. The intellectual does not have the natural means
of resisting the Jewish peril because his instincts have been badly blunted.
Because of this fact the nations with a high standard of civilization are
exposed to this peril first and foremost. In nature life always takes measures
against parasites; in the life of nations that is not always the case. From
this fact the Jewish peril actually stems. There is therefore no other
recourse left for modern nations except to exterminate the Jew….

The Jew was also the first to introduce the lie into politics as a weapon.
Aboriginal man, the Fuehrer believes, did not know the lie …. The higher
the human being developed intellectually, the more he acquired the ability
of hiding his innermost thoughts and giving expression to something different
from what he really felt. The Jew as an absolutely intellectual creature was
the first to learn this art. He can therefore be regarded not only as the
carrier but even the inventor of the lie among human beings. Because of
their thoroughly materialistic attitude, the English act very much like the
Jews. In fact, they are the Aryans who have acquired most of the Jewish
characteristics…. The nations that have been the first to see through the
Jew and have been the first to fight him are going to take his place in the
domination of the world.

==== End Quotes from The Goebbel’s Diaries ====

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