Diagnosis Grosvenor

In article ,

>What in the world do your stupid comments have to do with the warnings to
>immigrants provided by Mr.Grosvenor?
>From what you provided he is a successful businessman, who has
>successfully defended multi-million dollar lawsuits because he was right.
>His warnings about problems in Canada have convinced many people to look
>elsewhere for immigration choices.
>You seem to be a student, so what do you know about the problems of

Aha. Fan mail.

There is a program called WsFinger v1.7 that can be downloaded from
ftp://sparky.umd.edu/pub/winsock/wsfinger17.zip. This program allows your
computer to contact the computer at the other end and find out any available
details about the sender. So my finger query to WAHRHEIT came back thus

Login: Wahrheit Name: William Grosvenor
Directory: /U/Wahrheit Shell: /bin/csh
Email address [email protected]
User is not logged in.
No mail information available.
No plan.

What should I do about this information and all that stuff I have been
receiving over the week? Well try make some sense out of it. Here goes.

1. Writing in third person about himself?

Diagnosis: Signs of advanced associative multipersonality disorder.

2. From what you provided he is a successful businessman, who has
successfully defended multi-million dollar lawsuits because he was right.

(Original text reads: The Edmonton Journal, Fri 01 Dec 1989, page F7,
“Man Pledges not to speak anti-Triple Five”

William Grosvenor has been found in contempt of a civil court order
not to speak against Triple Five Corp. or interfere in its business.)

Diag: Needs Remedial Reading classes. Delusions of grandeur.

3. AVOID CANADA gave very useful information regarding avoiding being
swindled by the touts trying to sell overpriced real estate.

AVOID CANADA gave very useful information regarding the terrible taxes in

AVOID CANADA warned about the risk of contracting AIDS from the
contaminated blood supply in Canada.

(snip more AVOID CANADA warnings)

Diag: Acute Paranoia.

4. Feel free to get back to me.
William Grosvenor, P.Mgr., FIC, FIAA
Former Senior Consultant to INTAN Malaysia.

P.S. Guage my credibility over that of some student desperately living off
welfare at UofA, who has never worked for his livlihood, and who is jealous of
those who succeed.I dop not apologise for making public the fact that the
Jewish Ghermezians got over $600 millions of Edmonton taxpayer funds, plus
another $300-$600 millions from Alberta Treasury.How will you feel,as business
owners,at having to subsidise with your money a competitor?

Diag: Persecution complex. Reality challenged.

5. (patch email from Grosvenor fan)

” Hi Kelvin,

I’ve actually been running across Mr. Grosvenor on Usenet for the past
year and a half or so. He used to post frequent ‘warnings’ about
‘dangerous’ GM cars to a bunch auto and consumer groups. It turns out
that he let a car coast out of control down a mountain slope in BC, and
blamed the cruise control for not applying the brakes for him. He also
kept threatening a lawsuit against GM, Avis, dealers, etc.

” Then he started showing up in travel groups ‘warning’ people against
visiting BC. Seems he got a speeding ticket and this was his way of
getting back at the RCMP.

” He also showed up in travel groups last October ‘warning’ people against
the impending marshal law in Quebec, and how travellers should avoid those
bad “Frenchies” in the province. ”
(snip other stuff)

(patch second email)
” http://www.connect.ab.ca/~shnik/grosvenor/main.htm (page does not exist)

” Hi Kelvin,

It turns out his web page is still on the web. It looks like shnik is
the guy who set up the pages for him, and this stuff still resides on
shnik’s account.”

(patch third email)
” For instance, for much of the last few months he had been posting dozens
(hundreds?) of copies of his rant against CGAs.
(snip) (CGA=Certified General Accountant).

“BTW, an easy way to find posts by Grosvenor is to go to AltaVista (www.
altavista.com), select search on Usenet and search for “from:acumen” or
“from:wahrheit” (no quotes). This will search most of Usenet over the last
month for any posts from accounts starting with acumen or wahrheit.

“Another useful search engine is www.dejanews.com.  It can find articles from
the past year or so, although it is not a complete database. Select “Power
Search”, then “Create Query Filter”, then in the ‘From’ form, enter
“acumen@*” (no quotes). It will come back with something like “Query Filter
size xxx documents”. Click on that to get the list of all his posts it
found from the last year.”

Diag: Attention deficit disorder, short attention span, Hyper kinetic
activity, runaway imagination…… … .. . .;

Conclusion: All in all a Certifiable__________________(fill in the blank).


I’m sorry. I apologise. I shouldn’t be practicing psychiatrity without
training or a license. Its also unbecoming of me to dissect anyone in this
manner and I will not write anything further on this thread. However, Mr.
Grosvenor does raise an important issue – how to protect oneself from

If you have followed this thread over the past week or so you would have noted
that Canada is an open country where if you ask the right places most
information can be obtained without too much difficulty. (Actually I checked
up a lot more places and had answers that gave me a very good profile of G. I
can’t print them (verbal opinions cannot be verified) but anyone can make the
same phone checks.

If its just opinions and discussions you can believe anything you want. But
if its your life savings or if a substantial amount of money is involved
please check out the claims of whoever you hire. Check out their academic and
professional affliations – all it needs are several phone calls. If they
claim to have done something great check out the newspaper reports, the
services mentioned are free and I hope I have shown you how to do it. If you
are at the stage of placing substantial amounts of money with someone you
haven’t dealt with before, who probably works alone and has no record that can
be verified independently hire a private detective. Be suspicious. Its your
hard earned money. If some reports don’t feel right or your own instincts
makes you feel uneasy learn to trust your feelings. Check again. Once your
money leaves your hands its very, very hard to get it back. Be very
suspicious of anyone who claims to have special access to the Government, get
special permits or knows secret ways how to get things done. Every normal
dealing with the public is open in this country. Just remember, if you want
to you can do them for yourselves.

I am getting too preachy. Good luck.

Kelvin Mok.

Peng F. Mok
[email protected]
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