Deserve to pay the price, Giwer Matt

It appears the scum have begun to indulge in mail bombing abuse of the
internet again. Tom Moran notes that he was bombed with university material.
There have been other reports.

The simple solution to this is to get Eudora Pro 3.0 and learn to use the
filters. With those the emails can be intercepted and sent back to the sender
or root@sender and automatically dump them into the trash and never see them at
all. With automatic trashing up to four copies of each can be returned.

As these folks are all holohuggers copies can also be sent to Nizkor and
hatewatch before trashing them. After all, they have encouraged mailbombing by
libeling revionists as nazis and antisemitic. Therefore they deserve to pay the
price for their libel.

Of course this is just a suggestion.

From: [email protected] (Emilio Lizardo)
Newsgroups: alt.revisionism
Subject: mail bombing from holohugging scum
Date: Sun, 06 Apr 1997 18:49:00 GMT
Organization: GTE Intelligent Network Services, GTE INS
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