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Brian Smith wrote:
> [email protected] (AHABIZ) wrote:
> >In article <[email protected]>, [email protected] (Brian Smith)
> >writes:
> >>[email protected] (Ian McKinney) wrote:
> >Once again the nazis are reduced to talking to themselves. Now that
> >they’ve figured out none of us want to talk to them, maybe they will
> >*finally* get the idea that they should go back to alt.nazi.wacko where
> >they belong.
> WHAT? Half of what you multiracialists people POST are little chummy
> back-and-forths to each other! Yet most of what the NA members (whom
> you want to call Nazis) post are addressed to the other side!
> Brian Smith
> www.natall.com

Its the same stale old double standard that the jew-marxists have always
used. If a White man wants to live amongst his own kind, they shoot his
wife in the face and call him a racist pig. (Ruby Ridge) If a Negro gang
on the other hand attacks and kills a white woman, they call it the
result of racial oppression.

BTW Arleen?, Nizi babysitter, I am writing this for you and yours, not
for Brian.

Happy evesdropping,

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Subject: Re: Communism is Jewish. (undeniable evidence here)
Lines: 358

In article <[email protected]>, [email protected] (Brian Smith)

>>Volume III of United States Senate Document No. 62, 66th Congress,
>>First Session:
>>”Out of 388 members of the new Russian government, only 16 happened to
>>be Russians. One was an American Black. All the rest, 371, were Jews.
>>Of these 371 Jewish Bolshevik leaders, no less than 265 of them were
>>from the Lower East Side of New York City.”
>>Did you get that Randy Ragsdale? Out of the new “Russian” communist

>>Again, in numerical terms for the reading-impaired, which Randy
>>evidently is, 371 out of 388 in the communist government were JEWS!
>>And you believe Soviet communism’s connection with Jews “was only
>>tenuous at best”??

>oh look Randy! more fake nazi statistics!
>Arlin H. Adams

Look it up!! This is all fact. Arlin it is so obvious you are one of the
big plants. Why would you even dare to lie about this and deny that it is
>from Volume III of United States Senate Document No. 62, 66th Congress,
First Session. Stop trying to trick MAM readers who can think and should
think for themselves. Look it up people these are the facts as was the
posts like this:

Jews have control of the media i.e. how and what information is
disseminated, how it is biased and what is deemed acceptable.

> a- The largest media conglomerate in the world today
> b- headed by Michael Eisner (jewish)
> c- the Walt Disney Picture group is headed by Joe Roth (jewish) and
> includes Touchstone Pictures and Caravan Pictures
> d- Disney also owns Miramax pictures, which is headed by the Weinstein
> brothers (jewish)
> e- Disney owns Capital Cities/ABC, whose subsidiary ESPN, is headed by
> president and CEO Steven Bornstein (jewish).
> a- the -second- largest media conglomerate in the world today, behind
> Walt Disney
> b- headed by CEO Michael Levin (jewish)
> c- Time Warner’s is the largest in the magazine publisher in the
> country and includes Time, Sports Illustrated, People, and Fortune
> (headed by Norman Pearlstine — jewish)
> d- Time Warner’s subsidiary HBO is the country’s largest pay-TV cable
> network
> e- Time Warner is also the world’s largest record company.
> a) The third largest media conglomerate
> b) Headed by Sumner Redstone (born Murray Rothstein — jewish).
> Redstone -actually- owns 76% of Viacom’s shares ($3 billion).
> c) Viacom produces films through Paramount pictures which is headed
> by Sherry Lansing (jewish)
> d) Produces and distributes TV programs for the three largest
> networks and owns 12 television stations and 12 radio stations.
> e) Viacom’s publishing division Prentice Hall Simon & Schuster, and
> Pocket Books, and distributes videos through over 4,000 Blockbuster
> Video stores.
> f) Viacom is the world’s largest provider of cable programming, most
> notably through Showtime, MTV, and Nickelodeon.
> NOTE: The leadership of the top 3 media conglomerates Disney, Time
> Warner, and Viacom is jewish.
> 4) Most of the television and movie production companies that are not
> owned by the largest corporations are also controlled by jews. New
> World Entertainment which is considered the premiere independent TV
> program producer in the U.S. is owned by Ronald Perelman (jewish) who
> also owns Revlon cosmetics.
> 5) The chairman of New World is the former head of entertainment
> programming at NBC, Brandon Tartikoff (jewish)
> 6) The best known of the smaller media companies is DreamWorks SKG
> which formed in 1994 by recording industry mogul David Geffen
> (jewish), former Disney Pictures chairman Jeffrey Katzenbgerg
> (jewish), and film director Steven Spielberg (jewish). With the cash
> and connections these three possess it is likely that DreamWorld may
> soon be in the same league as the big three media conglomerates.
> 7) Two other large production companies, MCA and Universal Pictures,
> are both owned by Seagram Company, Ltd., the liquor giant, whose
> president and CEO is Edgar Bronfman. (jewish) Edgar Bronfman is also
> president of the World Jewish Congress.
> 8) Films produced by the just the five largest motion picture
> companies mentioned above — Disney, Warner Brothers, Sony, Paramount
> (Viacom) and Universal (Seagram) — accounted for 74 per cent of the
> total box-office receipts for 1995.
> 9) The number five biggest media company is the Japanese Sony
> Corporation, whose U.S. subsidiary, Sony Corporation of America, is
> run by Michael Schulhof, a jew. Alan J. Levin, another jew heads the
> Sony Pictures division.
> II) Newspapers
> Jews own the nation’s 3 most prestigious and influential newspapers:
> the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post.
> These 3 papers set the trends and guidelines for nearly all others.
> They originate the news; the others merely copy it.
> 1) The New York Times
> a- headed by CEO Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Jr. (jewish)
> b- Executive editor is Max Frankel (jewish)
> c- Managing editor is Joseph Lelyveld (jewish)
> d- The Sulzberger family also owns the New York Times Co.
> 33 other newspapers including the Boston Globe, 12 magazines including
> McCall’s and Family Circle with circulations of more than 5 million
> each. 7 radio and TV broadcasting companies.
> e- The New York Times company transmits news stories, features, and
> photographs by wire to 506 other newspapers, news agencies, and
> magazines.
> 2) The Washington Post
> a- Headed by Katherine Meyer Graham (jewish). She is principal
> stockholder and chairman of the board of the Washington Post Co.
> b- Her son Donald is The Washington Post’s publisher (jewish).
> c- The Washington Post Co., has a number of other media holdings in
> newspapers, television, and magazines, most notably the nation’s
> number-two weekly newsmagazine, Newsweek.
> d- In a joint venture with the New York Times the Post publishes the
> International Herald Tribune, the most widely distributed English
> language daily in the world
> 3) The Wall Street Journal
> a- Owned by the Dow Jones Company, whose chairman and CEO of Dow
> Jones is Peter R. Kahn (jewish)
> b- The nation’s largest circulation newspaper — 1.8 million copies
> each weekday.
> c- The Dow Jones company also publishes 24 other daily newspapers and
> the weekly financial tabloid Barron’s, among others.
> 4) Other New York papers
> a. In January of 1993 the New York Daily News was bought from the
> estate of the late jewish media mogul Robert Maxwell (born Ludvik Hoch
> — jewish) by the real-estate developer Mortimer Zuckerman (jewish).
> The Village Voice is owned by Leonard Stern (jewish) the billionaire
> owner of the Hartz Mountain pet supply.
> III) A Note on the Purported “free competition” of the print Media
> After TV news, daily newspapers are the most influential information
> medium in America today. Sixty million of them are sold each day.
> They are divided into some 1500 publications.
> Does this large number of publications indicate there exists
> substantial independence and competition within the media industry?
> Hardly.
> Out of the 1500 only 25% are independently owned, and out of that
> number over 100 have circulation over 100,000. Only a handful are
> large enough to maintain independent reporting staffs outside their
> own communities; the rest must depend on these few for all of their
> national and international news.
> In only 50 cities are there more than -one- daily newspaper, and
> competition is frequently nominal even among them, as between morning
> and afternoon editions under the same ownership. For example, several
> cities including Birmingham, AL., Springfield, Mass., and Syracuse,
> NY. have morning and afternoon editions that are both owned by Advance
> Publications, a holding company of the Newhouse brothers (jewish).
> IV. The former top three TV networks ABC, NBC, and CBS and their
> current status of ownership
> The big three in television network broadcasting used to be ABC, CBS,
> and NBC. With the consolidation of the media empires, these three are
> no longer independent entities. While they -were- independent,
> however, each was controlled by a jew since its inception:
> 1) ABC: by Leonard Goldenson (jewish)
> a– executive producers of ABC news programs are all jewish: Victor
> S. Neufeld (20/20), Bob Reichbloom (Good Morning America), and Rick
> Kaplan (World News Tonight)
> 2) CBS: first by William Paley (jewish) and then by Laurence Tisch
> (jewish)
> a– recently purchased by Westinghouse Electric Corporation.
> Nevertheless the man appointed by Laurence Tisch, Eric Ober (jewish)
> remains president of CBS News.
> 3) NBC: first by David Sarnoff and then by his son Robert Sarnoff
> (both jewish)
> a– NBC is now owned by General Electric; however, the NBC news
> president is Andrew Lack (a jew) as are executive producers Jeff
> Zucker (Today), Jeff Gralnick (NBC Nightly News), and Neal Shapiro
> (Dateline).
> Also, for several decades these networks have been staffed from top to
> bottom with jews.
> V. Other: e.g., the top 3 newsmagazines
> 1) Time magazine
> a) weekly circulation of 4.1 million.
> b) as mentioned before, Time magazine is part of the media
> conglomerate Time Warner which is headed by Gerald Levin (jewish)
> 2) Newsweek
> a) weekly circulation of 3.2 million.
> b) owned by Katherine Meyer Graham (jewish)
> 3) U.S. News and World Report
> a) weekly circulation of 2.3 million
> b) owned by Mortimer Zuckerman (jewish), who is also editor-in-chief
> of the magazine
> c) Zuckerman also owns the Atlantic Monthly magazine and as mentioned
> before, New York’s tabloid newspaper the Daily News which is the 6th
> largest paper in the country.
> 4) the top publisher of children’s books is Western Publishing, with
> more than 50% of the market. Its chairman and CEO is Richard Snyder
> (jewish) who just replaced Richard Bernstein (jewish)
> 5) Note of the Newhouse media empire: founded by the late Samuel
> Newhouse, a jewish immigrant from Russia. Now run by his two son
> Samuel and Donald Newhouse. Newhouse owns 26 daily newspaper which
> include the top newspapers of Cleveland, Newark, and New Orleans.
> Newhouse Broadcasting consists of 12 television broadcasting stations
> and 87 cable-TV systems, including some of the largest cable networks;
> the Sunday supplement _Parade_, with a circulation of more than 22
> million copies per week; some two dozen major magazines, including the
> New Yorker, Vogue, Mademoiselle, Glamour, Vanity Fair, Bride’s, GQ,
> Self, House & Garden, and all the other magazines of the wholly owned
> Conde Nast group.

> VI. Gentile media ownership and control
> Ted Turner: amassed a fortune in advertising and built a large and
> successful cable-TV news network. Turner made a bid to takeover CBS.
> To block the bid CBS invited billionaire theater, hotel, insurance,
> and cigarette magnate Laurence Tisch (jewish) to launch a “friendly”
> takeover of the company, and from 1986 till 1995 Tisch was the
> chairman and CEO of CBS, removing any threat of non-jewish influence
> there. Subsequent effort by Turner to acquire a major network have
> been obstructed by Levin’s Time Warner, which owns nearly 20 percent
> of CBS stock and has veto power over major deals. Subsequently,
> jewish newsman Daniel Schorr, who had worked for Turner, publicly
> charged that his former boss held a personal dislike for jews.
> Turner employs a number of jews in key executive and management
> positions at CNN. Turner has never take public positions contrary to
> jewish interests. Despite being an innovator and garnering headlines,
> Turner has never commanded the wealth and power to be a true media
> master. Furthermore, he has discussed a deal with Time Warner to
> merge, which would make Time Warner the number one media conglomerate,
> and Levin would become Ted Turner’s boss. Turner may have decided if
> you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.
> Rupert Murdoch: owns the fourth largest media company, News
> Corporation, which owns Fox Television Network and 20th Century Fox
> Films, both of which are headed by Peter Chermin (jewish). Murdoch has
> never take public positions contrary to jewish interests.
> Even those newspapers still until under Gentile ownership and
> management are so thoroughly dependent upon jewish advertising revenue
> that their editorial and news reporting policies are largely
> constrained by jewish likes and dislikes. It holds true in the
> newspaper business as elsewhere that he who pays the piper calls the
> tune.
> VII. CONCLUSION: the control of the opinion-molding media is nearly
> monolithic. All of the controlled media — television, radio,
> newspaper, magazines, books, motion pictures — speak with a single
> voice, each reinforcing each other. Despite the appearance of
> variety, there is no real dissent, no alternative source of facts or
> ideas accessible to the great mass of people which might allow them to
> form opinions at odds with those of the media masters. They are
> presented with a single view of the world — a world in which -every-
> voice proclaims the equality of the races, the inherent nature of the
> jewish “holocaust” tale, the immorality of attempting to halt the
> hordes of third world immigrants pouring into America, and the
> desirability of genocidal race-mixing. And we have just seen that the
> media masters are to a large extent jewish.
> The jews dominate the media ownership and control. Yet how is it that
> virtually -no one- discusses this incredible and significant fact. The
> media for some reason never reports mentions this fact. The fact of
> media ownership and control is highly significant fact because those
> who control the media wield incredible power to mold the public
> opinions.

Jews run the CIA: (and to whom or what is there inherent loyalty…
In a move which has shocked Patriots across America, Bill Clinton has
appointed Jews to the top four positions of the Central Intelligence

John Deutch – Director of CIA
David Cohen – Director of Operations
Nora Slotkin – Executive Director
George Tenet – Deputy Director

With Jews constituting just 3% of US population, I guess it’s all just a
coincidence. We were told that the Clinton cabinet, staff, and all
appointments would be a balanced representation of what in America.

Parade Magazine, Nov. 19, 1995
Fall River News, Feb. 23, 1996
Forward (A Jewish publication)

Another nasty fact is the Jew run the OSI, and the ADL has was to much
power around the world.

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Subject: Re: Man Bites Dog
Lines: 22

In article <[email protected]>, “Hummer”

> Some interesting food for thought. Seems like all the trolling nazis
>arrived just about the new federal fiscal year started. Hmmm. Maybe
>grants run on the same cycle, or maybe some agency issued a bunch of new
>grants right at the end of the fiscal year to use up their funds and
>they needed that much. Is there any pattern of trolling increasing in
>with the fiscal year in the past ?
> Hummer

hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahah!!!! You guys are crazy. The ones
you want to accuse as agents obviously are not. Yet you seem to have
quite a few paid stooges right under your noses yet refuse to sniff them
out. Just because they scratch, & swill beer & like your toys does not
mean they are OK. Think before you fear. Asses before you go on a
paranoid binge. Other wise you are just playing right into their hands
and dividing the movement.

From [email protected] Sun Oct 27 13:28:22 PST 1996
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Date: Sat, 26 Oct 96 16:28:08 GMT
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Subject: Re: militia beware
Lines: 26

In article <[email protected]>, [email protected] (PGISSource)
>and I look forward to yours, Brian(ski). It’s so rare that we Americans,
>even with our divergent views, get to battle with you Cuban-funded
>in an open forum.
>Mr. Wizard

I hope you know that your credibility as nil Wizard. Nationalist are not
Communists. And everyone know the Cuban have no money, they can’t even
feed, cloth, house & take care of basic medical & housing needs to their
citizens. You are a fool.

It seems to me that if one were looking for a plant who uses such rhetoric
one only has to look at Arlen, yourself & a few others. Then there is this
soggy Waffle that adds nothing valuable to MAM what so ever.
[email protected] (Mo10Cav) seems to be an obvious plant that it boogles the
mind why it continues to post under that account.

http://www.natvan.com & http://www.natall.com
From [email protected] Mon Oct 28 08:33:20 PST 1996
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Subject: Re: Joseph Sobran Confirms Jewish Control
Lines: 99

In article <[email protected]>, Charles Winters

>AnnDaltyn wrote:
>> In article <[email protected]>, [email protected] (RARPOL) writes:
>> >In article <[email protected]>, [email protected] writes:
>> >
>> >>>He has been long considered one of the last of the anti-semites who
>> >>>still
>> >>>write for the mainstream press.
>> >>
>> >>>Randy Ragsdale ([email protected])
>> >>
>> >>That’s odd,I thought Sobran was J*wish.Does that still
>> >>make him an anti-semite?
>> >>
>> >>*heimdall*
>> >
>> >All I know is what he has written over the years. I think Henry Ford
>> >would be proud.
>> >
>> >Randy Ragsdale ([email protected])
>> This is the first time a ever heard that Joe Sobran is jewish. Does
>> anyone out there have any information on this & if it is not true then
>> where the rumor would have been started & why?? Thanks 🙂

>Dear Mrs. Daltyn: Ah, once again that nebulous jewish question. It
>ever so difficult in the late 20th Century to know for sure what one’s
ancestry is.

Sounds like you have a big personal problem to me. Sorry you are confused
about your identity.

>Is Mr. Sobran Jewish or not?

I can just ask him. If that were a big concern.

> Are you or I Jewish?

Certainly not.

>No one knows for sure.

Again with that identity dilemma of yours.

>Although I come from apparently pure white, Northern European stock,
there are >persistent rumors one of our ancestors brought a jewess into
the bloodline by >marriage. Somehow, it never troubled me any more than
the unavoidable fact that >my wife’s family includes a Blackfeet Indian
two generations back. That makes >my son slightly “tainted” from a purity

Lovely story, your point being what to my post? I have met Mr. Sobran. I
do not believe he is jewish. I saw that post by someone else in MAM
saying he was. I wondered where this rumor was started. I thought it a
good idea to ask around and them amuse Mr. Sobran with the findings.

>My point here is: So what if you, I or Mr. Sobran is Jewish, either by
>or by conversion? What difference does it make in general, or insofar as
>status in the citizen’s militia?

Well lets see, first there is that important sense of identity, of
knowledge of your ancestors etc. If you were a zionist/jew no matter
where you lived or what you did you would always inherently be loyal to
Israel and your people. This seems to be a very big issue if you can
grasp the realm of that reality. To be jewish is not just a religion, it
is a race it is to be a citizen of a nation that is your supposed homeland
given to you by god. You would consider yourself the chosen ones and any
lying, cheating, killing or stealing that advances your holy state is

>Once you begin to differenciate between people on the basis of their
religion or >ancestry, you begin to get lost in the maze of inter-racial
and inter-faith >mixing/marrying that is our American melting pot.

jewishness is not just religion or ancestry. It is politics, race, and so
much more. It is full of hidden agendas, manipulating the goy at any cost
to support the chosen.

>Personally, I believe people of mixed ancestry are genetically stronger
than people >bred from a small population, regardless of skin tone. In
biology, this effect is >known as hybrid strength. – CW

You are to concerned about hurting feelings, and causing a commotion to
look around dig for answers and see the real reason why America is being
slaughtered. Throughout history the jews have systematically destroyed
every civilization that they have infested. It is like termites secretly
eating away at the heart and core of a mighty oak. The parasitic actions
speak for themselves. The usury, the false loyalties, the divide and
conquer tactics, the weakening of other cultures identities via there
strong hold on the media and creating popular public opinion. The signs
are everywhere, don’t be afraid to see them.

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Subject: White House Suppresses Drug Report – What you can do to help
Lines: 84

Subject: White House Suppresses Drug Report – What you can do to help

The College Republicans
The George Washington University
Office Location: Marvin Center 437
Office Phone Number: (202)994-4895

Dole/Kemp ’96
Bob Dole. A better man. For a better America.

Digital Dole/Kemp ’96
Volume 3, Number 4
October 2, 1996

For weeks now, the White House has claimed that Bill Clinton bears no real
responsibility for the massive increase in teen drug use under his watch.
Now a memo from Clinton’s top generals in the war on drugs shows that the
Commander-in-Chief may have fled the field of battle.

Yesterday, Bill Clinton defied a congressional subpoena and blocked the
release of a memo from his own FBI and DEA Directors that documents
Clinton’s failure to lead an effective war on drugs. Hiding behind the
shield of “executive privilege,”
Clinton prevented the American people from seeing what his own appointees
think about his weak leadership and flawed liberal policies.

According to excerpts obtained by Newsweek, Clinton may have had good
reason to hide his actions. The memo supposedly offers a scathing
indictment of Clinton’s liberal drug policies.

In the memo, Clinton’s FBI and DEA chiefs reportedly blast him for the
lack of “any true leadership” in stemming the influx of heroin and
cocaine, which they compared to an “all-conquering army.” To underscore
its importance, FBI Director Louis Freeh actually hand-delivered the memo
to Clinton in what Newsweek called “a bold move.”

As House Committee on Government Reform and Oversight Chairman William
Clinger said yesterday: “President Clinton is using executive privilege
to bury politically-damaging information. Just as in the Travel Office
and Haiti matters … Clinton is again using executive privilege to
prevent the public from knowing that the top FBI and DEA officials were
seriously concerned about the President’s lack of
leadership and conduct of the war on drugs.”

In Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania today, Dole also called on Clinton to end
the stonewalling. “The White House is evoking executive privilege to
keep that memo from seeing the light of day,” said Dole. “Mr. President,
it’s time to release this memo so that the American people can see how bad
your drug policy has been over the past 44 months. We’re going to demand
its release.”

We need your help to draw attention to this egregious breach of the public
trust. Call your local talk radio shows and urge them to draw attention
to this issue.
Every concerned parent should call the White House, call their members of
Congress, and call their local newspaper to demand that Clinton release
important memo. Clinton’s failure to deal with teen drug use is just too
important to sweep under the rug.


Place the Dole/Kemp Logo on your personal web page! Each time someone
views your page, you can show your support for Dole/Kemp. Visit our site,
choose the graphic you want on your page, place the appropriate line of
text on your web page and that’s it. To participate:
http://www.dolekemp96.org/involved/linktodole/ (Page doesn`t exist)

For other ways to get involved, such as volunteering or finding our state
office in your area: http://www.dolekemp96.org/involved/ (Page doesn`t exist)


Authorized and Paid for by Dole/Kemp ’96
810 First Street, N.E., Suite 300
Washington, DC 20002

To subscribe or unsubscribe from the Dole/Kemp ’96 Mailing list,
go to:
http://www.dolekemp96.org/involved/list/ (Page doesn`t exist) and fill out the form.

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Subject: Re: Communism is Jewish. (undeniable evidence here)
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