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>>> Does anyone know where I can purchase any Combat 18 literature.

I sell “The Order,” Issues 11 to 15, “Blood & Honour UK, Issues V2.5
through 6.2, “Ian Stewart Collector’s Zine,” “Thor Would, The Best of” and
“British Oi,” No. 32 to 38. All these zines are supportive of C18 or
directly issued by it. I also offer zines critical of C18, and zines that
could care less about C18.

Send a snail mail address for a free catalog of zines, plus all your other
hate rock needs. Please send me an email as I rarely check this group,
because it seems to be dominated by gooks and other sub human species.

MSR Productions
P.O. Box 1291
Wheat Ridge, CO 80034-1291.

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