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Yes Friends, it’s “Back with a Bang!” Bright Red with a large white circle
on the front containing, Oh, my Odin, a Swastika!!! Mfg. By Bane’s Brand
T-Shirts. 100 % cotton, Fruit of the Loom brand, XL only, $16.95 USA,
$19.95 World.

It is not necessary to be a NAZI punk in order to be in the vanguard of
style. NAZI skinheads may wear them with aplomb, or even Federal agents
attending the Good Ol’ Boys Roundup. In fact, why not buy one for every
member of the family. At this price you certainly can’t go wrong. Boldly
display your hate!

For a FREE catalog of thrilling Aryan rock CDs, tapes, vinyls, videos and
T-shirts, send E-Mail to above, or snail mail to:

MSR Productions
Dept. IWP
P.O. Box 1291
Wheat Ridge, CO 80034-1291

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