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Dear Aryan Comrades and Comradettes,

Awake No. 3 is now available for only $5.95 (donation) postpaid. This all
English skinzine from Belgium is 60 (yes 60) pages long! Compare that with
anything else out there on the market.

Awake No. 3 includes an interview with (on my humble opinion) the greatest
band ever, Saccara, from Germany. Literally dozens of other bands are
interviewed, including Pig Killer, English Rose, Endstuffe, and USA’s very
own, Final Solution (on cover).

Many CD and tape reviews are offered, certainly the not least of which is
the fabulous “Viking Youth, V2” from MSR Productions — a must have for any
self respecting white.

Photos of your heroes are plentiful. Why, there are even two photos of me,
which should make the zine a must have, and it’s only $5.95 (donation).

Friends, I assure you the donations will be for worthy ends (e.g.,
donations to cops who club border jumping, stinking, greasy spics).

Send for FREE!!!! catalog of thrilling hate rock CDs, tapes, vinyls,
videos, shirts.

MSR Productions
Dept IS
P.O. Box 1291
Wheat Ridge, CO 80034-1291

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