Crackpot, Allen Andrew

[email protected] (Ceacaa) wrote:

[It’s slab of concrete, dammit! Don’t you understand? Are you blind?
Concrete! It proves there was no Holocaust! Why can’t you see that!?]

And also wrote:

>I would also like to inquire if you are still willing to
>travel to Auschwitz/Birkenau to investigate some of
>the questions which have arisen on this thread? John
>Morris was unable to complete his promised task.
>I hope that we could raise the cost of travelling
>expenses on this thread. Please post reply.

Golly, I stick my nose back into alt.revisionism for two seconds, and
what do I find? Andrew Allen still beating a horse that is not only
long dead, but thoroughly putrefied.

And still lying about me.

In another message, Mr. Allen called me “craven” for not going the
Birkenau at his behest this summer. Now I have to wonder who is
“craven,” since he accuses me publicly of failing to keep a promise I
never made, and since he does not do me the courtesy of cc’ing me with
his accusations.

It should be apparent after my long absence that I am no longer a
regular participant in alt.revisionism. How easy it is to lie behind
someone’s back. How “courageous” of our Revisionist friend.

And how will this gutless wonder Andrew Allen respond to my annoyance
that he is lying about me again? The same way as last time he got
caught: he will say nothing.

Meanwhile, it is beyond me how anyone in their right mind could insist
for nine months running on the importance of the state of the gas
chamber roof at Birkenau Krema and never quite get around to saying
why it is all so important. Does it really matter whether the roof had
tar paper on it? If there was or was not tar paper, would it have made
a difference to the tens of thousands murdered underneath that roof?
Does it make a difference now?

Does it really make any difference if the roof slab is fully intact if
most of it is obscured beneath tons of rubble? There is certainly
enough roof there to talk about. But Mr. Allen has, in any case, not
made the kind of examination that he insists that others make: the
McCalden Expedition was just a very tasteless joke.

No, Mr. Allen is not ever going to tell us his remarkable theory of
how the mere fact of the existence of the L.Keller roof proves that
there was no Holocaust. Rather, he is content to carry on peeing in
the sandbox about how the other kids won’t help him make his

I suspect that Mr. Allen is also loath to put forward his theory.
After all, in his previous attempt to explain this “self-evident” roof
slab, he asserted that holes had been cut through concrete and rebar
in order to vent the destructive force of the demolition charges, a
claim almost as absurd as his claim that the presence of human remains
in a huge mass grave at Treblinka proved there were no killings there
on the grounds that the witnesses said that the corpses were destroyed
utterly by cremation.

Yes, gentle reader, Mr. Allen really *does* indeed say such abysmally
stupid things! Please visit the crypto-Nazi IHR web site if you have a
taste for more of Mr. Allen’s cogent analyses.

As for myself, I would submit to the general readership the merely
obvious that Andrew Allen is a crackpot with a crank theory and
without the intellectual equipment even to articulate his theory.

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