Collins counters lautens, Collins Doug

Source: North Shore News

Collins counters Lautens

Dear Editor:

This concerns Trevor Lautens’ piece of Oct. 14, headed “Countering
Mr. Collins.”

Trev stated, correctly, that I had not included the whole of
Professor Arno Mayer’s statement on sources on the alleged Nazi gas

I wrote that according to Mayer, “sources on the gas chambers were
at once rare and unreliable.” I did not all that the professor also
said that was “insufficient to put in question the use of gas
chambers in the mass murder of Jews in Auschwitz.”

The reason I did not do so was that I was making a number of short
points on the Holocaust story, and the quote I used was the bottom
line on what Mayer had said.[1]

Trev wasn’t right about Bergen-Belsen, though. I said there were no
gas chambers there in 1945 when I saw the camp, and he wrote he had
checked six books on the Holocaust and none had claimed there were.
So what was the point of my statement? It “falls flat,” he said.

Not So.

Until the story had to be dropped, it being patently wrong, it was
in fact claimed that there were gas chambers at Belsen.

This is my last comment on the current controversy but I must thank
Trev for discussing the issue in a civilized way, which is more than
can be said for some people.

Doug Collins
West Vancouver

[1] Hardly what I’d call “the bottom line,” since Mayer clearly
affirms the existence and use of the homicidal gas chambers, in
spite of “sources [being] rare and unreliable,” a factoid Mr.
Collins would rather we forget. knm