Collins blasts story, Collins Doug

Source: The North Shore News, Oct. 7, 1994 (3)

Colmunist blasts news story

There I was, barely off the plane from a holiday in England when a
callow youth from the morning trash sheet called to ask why a couple
of my columns had appeared in a sinister magazine in the U.S. called
the _Journal of Historical Review_.

The pieces in question were my famous columns on the propaganda
movie _Schindler’s List_ and the Holocaust.

The next day there was a “zip” across the bottom of the said rag
that read “Holocaust? What Holocaust?” plus a picture of Doug the
Villain and the words “North Van columnist Doug Collins denies it

On page five the headline was “Holocaust just a story: Collins,”
plus a picture showing me with a curled lip. (All the best people
curl their lips now and again, there being newspapers like _The
Province_ around.)

[Collins denies that he denies the Holocaust, but says he doesn’t
believe what he calls “the six million story.” He challenges the
Province reporter to produce proof to the contrary. Collins says
that in his opinion, the “gas chamber story” was false, and denies
being an antisemite. Claims the “Journal of Historical Review” is a
“scholarly publication.”]