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The Video that Justifies Buying a Video Player

New Documentary Video Torpedos Battleship Auschwitz
“Gas Chambers” Suffer Direct Hit

IN THE JULY 1992 _IHR Newsletter_, we told you about historian David
Irving’s dramatic trial in Germany. Appealing his conviction (and $4,300
fine) for making public statements denouncing the “gas chambers” at
Auschwitz as phony reconstructions (“Attrappen”), Irving, author of such
international bestselling histories as _Hitler’s War_, _The Destruction of
Dresden_, _The Trail of the Fox_, _Goering: A Biography_, _The Rise and
Fall of the Luftwaffe_, and _The War Between the Generals_, not only lost
his appeal but saw his fine raised to $6,000.

Irving’s case was impressive, but he still lost because Munich district
court judge Thomas Stelzner refused to let him put Dr. Franciszek Piper,
head curator and director of the Auschwitz State Museum in Poland, on the
witness stand in his behalf.

[Shot from the video, “Cole enters Auschwitz with a ruse — a Righteous Jew
seeking to discredit the Revisionists back home.”]

WORLD TO SEE. Revisionist David Cole, equipped with a Super VHS video
camera, a microphone, a list of questions, and a sense of humor, traveled
to Auschwitz in September 1992 and produced a video of that trip that you
simply cannot afford to miss. Cole not only uncovers and documents on tape
the blatant falsehoods told Auschwitz visitors every day, year in and year
out by unknowing tour guides, he also shows that the very people who run
the Auschwitz museum aren’t at all sure about gas chambers! (You’ll be
surprised at what they DO believe, though.)

[Shot from the video, “Auschwitz tour guide Alicia claims matter of factly
that the ‘gas chamber’ is in its ‘unaltered’ state.”]

Here is dramatic confirmation of what Revisionists have been saying
about the Holocaust for more than 20 years, graphically presented on video
so you can see and hear for yourself the professional Auschwitz tour guides
and the museum’s director, and examine the layout of the camp with its
buildings and their surroundings. For those of us who cannot afford the
trip to Europe to see all this for ourselves, this video brings Auschwitz,
as well as _The Leuchter Report_, to life in the comfort of your living

It is one thing to read that the “gas chamber” at Auschwitz stands
outside the perimeter of the camp, and quite another to actually see it.
It may seem remarkable to read that interior walls of the “gas chamber”
have been removed, holes have been added to the ceiling, and that there are
drains in the floor, but it lends a whole new appreciation to see, first
hand, under the relentless eye of the camera, the extensive and obvious
postwar structural alterations and plumbing.

[Shot from the video, “Auschwitz Museum curator Dr. Piper insists that the
‘gas chamber’ was altered after the war.”]

Most devastating of all is Cole’s interview with Dr. Piper, head curator
of the Auschwitz State Museum for 26 years, who casually admits to post-war
alterations of the room that for decades has been shown to tourists as an
unaltered, “original state” gas chamber. You won’t believe your ears as
this top Auschwitz authority tells Cole of his abiding belief in the human
soap and human-skin lampshade stories even years after they were abandoned
by Holocaust scholars as utterly fictitious.

*** If you’ve been waiting for a SUPERBLY PRODUCED, HIGHLY PERSUASIVE
*** video that makes the case for Holocaust Revisionism, the wait is over!

This video documentary is so revealing, so powerful, that it has already
been pressed into use by Belgian Revisionists in their appeal against their
conviction in Europe for questioning the Holocaust story. Without a doubt,
it will play an increasingly important role in other such proceedings
around the world.

[Shot from the video, “Inside the ‘gas chamber,’ Cole points out the
obvious modifications and lack of tell-tale blue stains, proving no wartime
use of deadly Zyklon B gas here.”]

The information contained on this tape is so new and so unexpected that
the Holocaust lobby has not yet had time to react. Order your copy now so
that when the fireworks begin you will already have the best seat in the

Even if you’ve never purchased an IHR video, your investment in this one
will pay dividends for years to come. If you don’t have a VHS video
player, beg, buy, or borrow one. Professionally produced with high quality
color video image and crisp sound, this tape runs just under an hour,
making it ideal for airing on your local public access TV station. And if
you’ve been waiting for a concise, intelligent, and VERY persuasive
presentation on the Holocaust that you can comfortably show to friends and
family — whether they’re hostile to Revisionism, just naive, practically
brain dead, partially convinced, or open-minded enough for a real roller
coaster ride for the intellect — you need wait no longer, because THAT

[Shot from the video, “Alicia and Cole discuss a wartime aerial
reconaissance photo of Auschwitz: No belching smoke from the chimneys, no
lines of people awaiting gassing.”]

VHS Color – One Hour Running Time, $49 (European PAL format add $10)
Please add $2.50 for shipping – California residents add 7.75% sales tax
Available from
Institute for Historical Review
P.O. Box 2739 – Newport Beach, CA 92659


[Photograph of David Cole]

When I went to Europe in the autumn of 1992 to conduct my own
investigation of the sites of the alleged “gassings” of Jews during World
War Two, two ideas were paramount in my mind.

The first was to record the trip on videotape so that, rather than
bringing back a bunch of boring anecdotes, I would bring back an objective
record of what I found. What I expected to be a great learning experience
for me could be one for others too. My discoveries could become your
discoveries. I would askt he questions that YOU would ask if you were to
make the journey yourself.

The second idea was that I would go as a Jew. No two peoples have
been affected more by the Holocaust story than the Germans and the Jews.
We know how difficult it has been for Germans themselves to expose the
deceptions of the Holocaust Lobby. Germans are FORBIDDEN BY LAW, IN THEIR
OWN COUNTRY, to state publicly that they do not believe in the orthodox
gas-chamber stories! FORBIDDEN from discussing their own history — a
truly disgusting situation that no lover of freedom should ignore!

Jewish organizations have decided that they MUST have a monopoly on
the Holocaust issue. I reasoned that if I went to Auschwitz as a Jew
rather than as a “revisionist” that I would have a better chance to cut
through the misinformation and lies that so distort what really happened in
the German camps during the war. Perhaps, I thought, if I were to approach
the Auschwitz officials as a Jew, my pointed questions, tactfully put,
would be interpreted not as the debunking questions of a Revisionist, but
rather the sincere questions of a righteous Jew seeking THE REAL FACTS to
answer those back home who say there were no gas chambers. (I remember at
one point standing inside the crematory building, telling the supervisor of
tour guides at Auschwitz that “You MUST tell me the whole truth so that
when I get back home I can speak with authority against those who say ‘all
this’ never happened.”) So, donning my yarmulke, and not letting anybody
in Poland know where my sympathies were, I began my journey.

The result? More than twenty hours of video footage from four camps:
Auschwitz and Majdanek in Poland, Mauthausen in Austria, and Dachau in
Germany. And out of all the footage I brought back with me, nothing is
more significant, or of more VITAL IMPORTANCE, than the interview I
conducted in Poland with Dr. Franciszek Piper of the Auschwitz State
Museum. Dr. Piper has worked at the Museum for 26 years, and he felt
comfortable enough to talk with me for an hour in his office at Auschwitz.
The result should keep people talking for quite some time.

Every revisionist should give himself and herself a little pat on the
back while they watch this tape. This is the official admission that we
have been right about Auschwitz all this time. Sure, it’s only one victory
in a war that will involve many more battles, but savor it anyway. You
deserve it!

David Cole

[end of text]

-Dan Gannon

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