Cole recants, Cole David

Prepared January 2, 1998

This statement is given in an attempt to set the record
straight about my current views regarding the Holocaust and
Holocaust denial. As anyone who follows the subject of
Holocaust denial knows, from 1991 until 1994 I was well
known in the movement as a Jewish Holocaust denier [a
self-described “revisionist”]. For the last three years I
have no longer been associated with this movement, having
realized that I was wrong and that the path I was taking
with my life was self-destructive and hurtful to others. I
have spent the last few years in silence on the subject of
my time with the denial movement, a silence caused mainly by
my shame at what I had done with my life and my desire to
distance myself from that life.

However, in that shame-induced silence, it has now been
brought to my attention that I have not gone as far as I
should have to make a clear and complete public statement in
order to set the record straight as to where I stand.

It is my great hope that this statement accomplishes that

I would like to state for the record that there is no
question in my mind that during the Holocaust of Europe’s
Jews during World War Two, the Nazis employed gas chambers
in an attempt to commit genocide against the Jews. At camps
in both Eastern and Western Europe, Jews were murdered in
gas chambers which employed such poison gasses as Zyklon B
and carbon monoxide (in the Auschwitz camp, for example, the
gas chambers used Zyklon B). The evidence for this is
overwhelming and unmistakable.

The Nazis intended to kill all the Jews of Europe, and the
final death toll of this attempted genocide was six million.
This atrocity, unique in its scope and breadth, must never
be forgotten.

During my four years as a denier, I was wracked with
self-hate and loathing, a afact that many of my critics were
quick to point out. Indeed, this self-hatred was obvious to
most, but I was too blind to see it. The hate I had for
myself I took out on my people. I was seduced by
pseudo-historical nonsense and clever-sounding but empty
ideas and catch-phrases. When my eyes were finally opened,
thanks to several good, kind friends who had refused to give
up on me even when I was at my worst, I was horrified at
what I had done. My instinct was to flee and never look
back, but I now understand that I owe it to the people I
wronged to make a forceful repudiation of my earlier views.
I also owe a very large apology, not only to the many people
I enraged, and to the friends and family I hurt, but
especially to the survivors of the Holocaust, who deserve
only our respect and compassion, not re-victimization. Broken link

Therefore, to all of the above people, let me offer my most
humble and very, very sincere apology. I am sorry for what I
did, and I am sorry for the hurt I caused.

And just as I must set the record straight concerning my
views, it is also incumbent on me to set the record
straight regarding the video “documentaries” and media
appearances I did from 1991 to 1994. These “documentaries”
are merely videotaped garbage filled with self-hatred and
pseudo-intellectual nonsense. My “media appearances” were
nothing but an embarrassment. My glazed look, specious
reasoning, and talking-in-circles during my talk show
appearances would have hopefully alerted any astute views
that this was a man not in touch with reality.

It has been brought to my attention that Bradley Smith is
still using one of my videos in advertisements he is running
on college campuses. Therefore, I would like to make these
additional points: This video is being advertised without my
consent, and I denouce this video as being without worth.
Bradley Smith is no historian, and denial is no “historical
field.” Students on college campuses should look elsewhere
to find out about the Holocaust. To these students I would
say, look to books like Professor Raul Hilberg’s
“Destruction of the European Jews,” Leni Yahil’s “The
Holocaust,” and Lucy Dawidowicz’s “The War Against the Jews”
for correct information. If your school library doesn’t
stock these books, have them order copies. Do not pay any
attention to any “David Cole” videos, except to rightly
denounce them as frauds.

I am thankful for being given the opportunity to make this
statement. This statement is made freely and under no
duress, and is quite willingly, even happily, given to Mr.
Irv Rubin of the Jewish Defense League for the widest
possible distribution. This statement is the most current
and accurate compilation of my views, and it supersedes any
previous writings, videos, or statements. It is my hope that
there will be no more confusion as to where I stand. I thank
you for letting me set the record straight.

[/s] David Cole

Subscribed and sworn to before me on January 5, 1998.

[/Mary Stewart]

[Notary seal]
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