“Clear Bullshit” (We Couldn’t Have Said It Better Ourselves)

In June of 1996, Matt Giwer posted the following article, and sent Nizkor’s Ken McVay an email copy. Mr. McVay’s comments appear in [brackets].

[Email header trimmed]

From: [email protected]
To: Ken McVay OBC
Subject: Re: Mr. Schoedel’s problem, Nizkor’s solutions
Date: Fri, 21 Jun 1996 09:17:02 GMT

On 20 Jun 1996 19:30:33 -0700, [email protected] (Ken McVay OBC) wrote:

In article <[email protected]>, “reverend” Ronald Schoedel <[email protected]> wrote:

“Whew boy, is it getting weird in here…expensive 486’s, lack of FTP skills, whoa, is it any wonder the Zinkor website is totally unaccesible to me and surely others…”

We have taken note of the “reverend” Schoedel’s inability to access our site, and his lack of patience, and given thanks that the other 800 or so who do manage to obtain the 3000 pages they request daily are able to do so.

Given the fact that you appear to have passed the hat for a used 486DX25 when it was damned near impossible to buy such a machine when the chip was out of production, your scam artist nature is obvious.

[Fact: How Nizkor obtained the machine is a matter of public record. Mr. Giwer’s thoughts on the matter were not relevant to the discussion at hand, which concerned improved access to Nizkor’s web site.]

And then we get to the claim that you wasted $1000 on UnixWorks rather than LInux.

[Fact: Nizkor made no such claim. Nizkor has never heard of anything called “UnixWorks”, and it can have no bearing on the nature of the discussion, which concerned improved access to Nizkor’s web site.]

We have become deeply concerned over the inability of some users to access the “reverend” Schoedel’s very own Nizkor pages, and have taken steps to solve the problem.

Clear bullshit. You have not the least idea what you are talking about.

[Fact: (1) Nizkor has been concerned about increasing demands upon our bandwidth and hardware; (2) Nizkor has taken steps to solve the problem, as it will continue to do. Mr. Giwer’s comments were not relevant to the discussion, which concerned improved access to Nizkor’s web site.]

In the meantime, those with tireless patience, and a desire to see the “reverend” Schoedel in full cry, are urged to explore URLschoedel-ronald/

We will announce appropriate solutions to the “reverend” Schoedel’s problem within a short time. Until then, we urge the “reverend” to enjoy himself and have a nice day.

As to Mr. Schoedel’s lack of ftp skills, we can only wonder. With two ftp sites available, perhaps tutoring from his local ISP might be in order, so that he might find one of them; www.almanac.bc.ca/ftp.cgi/ and ftp://nizkor.iam.uni-bonn.de/pub/nizkor/ work as they should, for those who understand how to configure and utilize their software.

(The last time we checked, Europe was still on the net, altho we concede the “reverend’s” unlikely to be able to find it.)

Rather someone deceived the contributors about the costs involved and promised a web presense that was in no was delivered and someone took the difference in their pocket.

[Fact: Nizkor’s web site is in a continual state of change. Nizkor’s ability to deliver its services improves, quite literally, by the hour. That Mr. Giwer has not noticed these improvements does not surprise us.]

It is also interesting that Nizkor had some sucker synagogue offer tax reciepts BEFORE Nizkor had tax exempt status. In the US that is called fraud.

[Fact: Nizkor does not have tax exempt status. Nizkor has never claimed to have tax exempt status. Agencies accepting funds on Nizkor’s behalf enjoy such status, but, at the moment, Nizkor does not.]