Cicero gazette, Huber A.

Recently an obnoxious jerk named Huber has been making repeated
posts claiming to be from a journal called “The Cicero Gazette.” I became curious
about this source since I spent some time in that area of Cook County — I even
prosecuted a case where the advertising of real estate in Cicero was at issue —
and had never heard of that newspaper.

There is a trade publication called “Editor & Publisher” published for
journalism and, as advertising, is an important part of journalism, keeps a database
of all newspapers including weeklies, biweeklies, and monthlies. In short if it is a
newspaper and sells advertising they want to know about it. Their database is
published annually as the “International Yearbook.”

They have never heard of the “Cicero Gazette.” They state that there
are no newspapers in the Chicagoland area whatsoever called the “Gazette.”

The regional office of “Editor & Publisher” is 8 South Michigan, Chicago
IL 60603. Their phone number is 312-641-0041.

Apparently Huber’s “Cicero Gazette” can be found in the same library
as George Orwell’s “Big Brother” and Abdul Alhazred’s “Necronomicon.”


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