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Has anybody read Ward Chuchill’s *A Little Matter of Genocide: Holocaust an
Denial in the Americas 1492 to Present* (San Francisco, CA: City Lights
Books), 1997.

My favorite quotation from the book is below:

“One cannot, because it is no better for Lipstadt to “neglect” to mention
that the Gypsies were subjected to the same mode of extermination as the Jews
– or for Dawidowicz and Bauer to contrive arguments that they weren’t than it
is for Rassinier to deliberately minimize the number of Jewish victims of
nazism or for Butz to deny the Holocaust altogether. One cannot, because
there is nothing more redeeming about Katz’s smug dismisssal of the term
“genocide” to any group other than his own than there is about Robert
Faurisson’s contention that no Jews were ever gassed. One cannot, because
Yehuda Bauer’s *The Holocaust in Historical Perspective*, Steven Katz’s *The
Holocaust in Historical Context*, and Lucy Dawidowicz’s *The Holocaust and
the Historians* are really only variations of Arthur Butz’s *The Hoax of the
Twentieth Century* written in reverse. All of them equally, are concious
exercises in the destruction of truth and memory.” (pp. 49-50).

Other gems from Professor Churchill include:

“The fundamental and deliberative distoriveness of Lipstadt’s formulation
speaks for itself. It is a lie, or complex of lies, consiously and maliciously
uttered, lies of a type which readily conform in their magnitude and intent to
those of the very deniers Lipstadt has devoted the bulk of her text to
combatting. In the end, *Denying the Holocaust* is thereby reduced to an
exercixe in holocaust denial.” (p. 31).

“In attempting to make it appear otherwise– and thus to claim the status of
an ‘unparalled’ victimization (‘accumulating moral capital,” as exclusivist
Edward Alexander has put it)*- proponents of uniqueness have engaged in
holocaust denial on the grand scale, not only with respect to Armenians,
Ukrainians, and Cambodians, but as regards to scores of other instances of
genocide, both historical and contemporary. By doing so, they have
contributed to the invisibility of the victims of this hideous multiplicity
of processes in exactly the same way Jewish victims of nazism have often been
rendered invisible by those whose work falls well short of outright Holocaust
denial. To this extent, Lipstadt and her collegues have greatly surpassed
anything attempted by Rassinier and his ilk. Those who would deny the
Holocaust, after all focus their distortions upon one target. Those who deny
all holocausts other than that of the Jews have the same effect upon many.
(p. 36).

Leave it to a Keetowah Cherokee to state an obvious point that no white man
had the cojones to print.

J. Otto Pohl

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