Churchill papers 1, Baron Al

From Baron, Alexander. _THE CHURCHILL PAPERS: Revising the
Revisionists, Unmasking Irving_. Anglo-Hebrew Publishing, 1994.
ISBN 1 898318 91 3.

pp. 66-67, 137f:

What was in my deposition? It was quite lengthy, but basically it blew
the lid off the Nazi menace. The teality is that there is no Nazi
menace, nor fascist menace, nor resurgence of anti-Semitism, xenophobia
or any of that bollocks. The things the Jews scream so loud about —
alleged anti-Semitism — is a bunch of pillocks sending endless updates
of the _Protocols of Zion_ through the post. These people, the
“Jew-wise”, include scumbags like the homosexual Martin Webster, the
embittered Colin Jordan, and the extremely gullible Lady Birdwood. Lady
Birdwood is an especially interesting character because although she
has published some of the most appalling anti-Semitica known to man,
she does it all with the best of intentions and wouldnt hurt a fly.
When she mailed out _The Longest Hatred_, (6) for example, she did so
in a desperate attempt to awaken her fellow Christians to the
machinations of the international Jewish conspiracy and to save the
Jews from their own folly. (In particular, the Holocaust they “need”
every fifty years!)

With regard to _xenophobia_, something which is said to be rampant in
“Fortress Europe”, this too is a complete load of crap. The reality is
that Europe has been flooded with unassimilable immigrants, and white
people are on the verge of extinction due to their suicidal birthrate
(7) as much as miscegenation. On top of all that they keep having all
this “anti-racism” crap forced down their throats, and any time they
protest even mildly, against any aspect of the war on their race and
culture, or against non-white immigration and governmentally forced
race-mixing, they’re denounced as Nazis.

(6) An absurd piece of anti-Semitic filth which blamed the Jews for
every evil under the sun. It is obviously the work of a diseased mind.

(7) An article in the _Sunday Telegraph_ for April 24, 1994, made this
point. Called _No time for babies_, it took a virtually non-sectarian
position on the imminent extinction of Western man.