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I just came back from my public library (5th largest in my
not-inconsiderable state) and read the first few chapters of their
biography of Jennie Jerome Churchill. Jennie’s ancestors came to New
England from the Isle of Wight during the early 1700’s (the first one,
Thomas, arrived in 1710 in Connecticut) and were practicing ANGLICANS.
During the mid-to-late 18th Century at least two of her ancestors or their
collateral relatives attended Princeton, then the College of New Jersey –
considering that Harvard only admitted a handful of Jews starting in the
first half of the NINETEENTH century, about one every several years, and
Jews had an extremely difficult time getting into Princeton as recently as
twenty-five years ago, they could not have been Jewish. Anyway, the line
continues, with the Jeromes becoming an important part of Brooklyn society
in the early-mid 1800’s, when Brooklyn was an independent city and few
Jews had arrived there yet and even fewer were accepted in society
anywhere. Jennie was born there in the 1840s or ’50s, I believe (the
exact date is unimportant), and while her father did have a Jewish friend,
a Mr. Belmont, she was Episcopalian (I assume that’s what happened to
Anglican families in the US, they sure as hell didn’t become Jewish when
the Revolution came). She later married into English nobility. So much
for her being a converted Jew.


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