Churchill 3, Churchill Winston

“Professor Michael Choen, author of _Churchill and the Jews_,
alleges that Churchill’s support of Zionism before the war was
insincere, and castigates him for not following up a minute he
wrote to Sinclair, Secretary of State for Air, advocating the
bombing of the Auschwitz concentration camp. The RAF did not do so,
and no documents exist to show that Churchill ever repeated this
request. It is likely that he discussed the matter with Sinclair
verbally, as he saw him frequently and they were old and close
friends. Anyway, would the bombing of concentration camps have
saved many inmates’ lives? Why would bombs kill guards rather than
prisoners? It is wrong to denigrate a great Englishman on such
flimsy grounds.” (Lamb, 347)

Work Cited

Lamb, Richard. Churchill As War Leader. New York: Carroll & Graf
Publishers, Inc., 1991.

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