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From the pro-“revisionist” book _The Holocaust on Trial_, concerning
the second trial of Ernst Zuendel for spreading false news about the
Holocaust, pp. 272-3:

Pearson [attorney for the prosecution] paraphrased the gas van
document as having said that “97,000 people have been successfully
gassed,” and Christie [attorney for the defense] objected to the
paraphrase, since the document never mentioned “people.” Judge
Thomas overruled the objection, and Pearson again paraphrased it as
“97,000 people.”

Notice that the question is left open as to whether “97,000 people”
is an accurate paraphrase.

Here is what the document says:

Since December 1941, for example, 97,000 have been processed using
three vans without any faults developing in the vehicles.

Just in case there is any question, all ambiguity is removed a few
paragraphs later:

The vans are normally loaded with 9-10 people per square meter.

Zuendel’s lawyer tried to obfuscate this trivial point, and the
pro-Zuendel writer of _The Holocaust on Trial_ failed to clarify it,
leaving the question open. This is typical of Holocaust-denial.

For the context of this captured wartime document, see: (Page doesn`t exist)

Work Cited

Lenski, Robert. The Holocaust on Trial: the Case of Ernst Zundel.
Reporter Press, Decatur, Alabama, 1990.

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