Buchanan, Pat

The FTP Archives Dividing Line Column  of 1990 in which Mr. Buchanan repeats two discredited canards often cited by Holocaust deniers. Buchanan...

Felderer, Ditlieb

We invite our visitors to judge Mr. Felderer's historical objectivity for themselves. The following quotation will be of value: "All the way back in antiquity...

Acord John

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Alexander Edward

Back to list Shofar archives: Press: Nation 0293 Some of you may have followed the acrimonious controversy between Alexander Cockburn and Edward Alexander in The Nation. It began with Cockburn's...

Arcand Adrien

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Alsbrook Bart

Back to list Since this material resides within your domain, I felt it imperative that I contact you prior to advising legal counsel on the nature of...

Giwer, Matthias

"Right on, fat broad. Do you have do clean up McVay with your lips also? What a stupid and fat broad. If you are...

Abrams Alan

Back to list Shofar archives: Files: Why some survived "Examining the reasons why the Nazis enabled a half-million Jews to survive while they coldbloodedly slaughtered six million others leads...

Allen Joe

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Andrews Donald

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