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Der Spiegel Online Deutsche Hollerith Maschinen Gesellschaft Einsatzgruppen, the mobile SS killing squads
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Government British Columbia Human Rights Act Canada Human Rights & Advocacy Organizations Canadian Jewish Congress Canadian Race Relations Foundation (External link) The League for Human...
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The Institute for Jewish Policy Research The governance of cyberspace: racism on the Internet , a 1996 paper by David Capitanchik and Michael Whine. ...
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Austrian Resistance Archives  Austrian Gedenkdienst  (Gedenkdienst is an alternative to Austria's compulsory national military service. Its participants serve at major Holocaust institutions. )
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Adelaide Institute  Human Rights Links Australian Human Rights & Civil Rights , maintained by Victor Perton, MP Centre for Citizenship and Human Rights ...
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Anti-Racism Organizations The American Jewish Committee now offers Kenneth Stern's "Hate on the Internet," a December 1999 report that calls for stronger educational efforts to...