Canada right rebuttal, Coons Roy D

Anyone with even a passing familiarity with mainstream political and
academic discourse should examine Nizkor’s archive file “canada-right,” a
contemptible piece of character assassination that purports to be a
directory of far-right groups

Included in this libel are the following fascist luminaries: the late Alan
Bloom, Straussian philosopher, translator of Plato’s “Republic,” author of
(appropriately in this context) “The Closing of the American Mind”;
William F. Buckley, founder and former editor of “National Review,” ADL
supporter, author of “In Search of Anti-Semitism,” practically an exemplar
of a mainstream conservative commentator; Dinesh D’ Souza, author of
“Illiberal Education,” the book which (even more appropriately) introduced
the term “political correctness” to our everyday lexicon; Doreen Kimura,
distinguished psychologist, author of influential studies of sex
differences, co-founder (heaven forfend) of the Society for Academic
Freedom and Scholarship; Michael Walker, the director of the conservative
Fraser Institute, a notorious hotbed of Canadian neo-naziism. Etc, etc.

The list is a stunning study in guilt by association, associations which
in this case no sane person would ever consider. But at least Nizkor is an
equal-opportunity libeller: Jews, Catholics, women, East Indians, wicked
white males of various ethnic and political persuasions–public and
not-so-public figures whose only crime is conservative politics, defence
of free speech, or traditionalist religious convictions–all merit
inclusion along with the likes of Tom Metzger, George Burdi, and Ernst
Zuendel. And the list does, to its credit, yield some real McCarthyite
delights: eg. UNB math professor Matin Yaqzan “supports Malcolm Ross, is
supported by Camille Paglia.” Thus do the tentacles of this sinister
conspiracy reach ever outward.

A few explanations of this abomination come to mind: you guys are vile
beyond anything I could ever have imagined; no-one actually read this
“neo-right directory” before it was archived for the world to see; or you
are so massively ignorant that you don’t actually know anything about
those whom you have libelled.

On the optimistic assumption that the latter is the case, I would advise
that you consult someone outside of your obsessive anti-racist clique and
its circle of admirers, preferably some techno-peasant who still actually
reads the occasional book, newspaper, or magazine, and ask him if Irving
Kristol really deserves to have his name appear right above the Aryan
terrorist David (“Wodensson”) Lane, or why D’Souza and former Grand Wizard
David Duke are not exactly soulmates.

In any event, if you have any decency at all, you will remove this trash
>from your site. Quickly.

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