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> [email protected] (Daniel Keren) writes, citing the idiot Matt
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> ># Take for example one the most famous people from Auschwitz,
> ># Anne Frank. Even with the Nazis in full retreat the story of her
> ># last days is that she was in an SS infirmary at Auschwitz
> ># recovering from typhus.
> >Can someone verify this?
> I doubt it, since Anne Frank was never at Auschwitz. Perhaps a
> better question would be: Where is Giwer getting this nonsense?
> SS infirmary? I know Matt is crazy, he has been for years, but
> this goes well beyond his usual.

Anne Frank, after her capture by the Nazis, was first sent to transit camp
of Westerbork on August 8, 1944. Then she was, along with her’s and the
Van Pels family, sent to Auschwitz by train, arriving on the night of
Setpember 5-6, 1945. There were 1,019 people on the transport from
Westerbork: 498 men, 442 women, and 79 children. Only 258 men and 212
women were admitted to Auschwitz. The rest, including all the children
under 15 years-old, were gassed on September 6, 1945. Van Pels was among
those immediately gassed. On January 6, 1945, Anne Frank’s mother died in
the women’s camp.

Anne and Margot Frank stayed at Auschwitz less than two months and were
transferred from the transit camp at Auscwhitz II-Birkenau to
Bergen-Belson, probably on October 28, 1944. During the winter months of
1944-45 the living condition at Bergen-Belson became intolerable.
Exposure, starvation, and disease all took their horrific toll. Typhus was
epidemic at Bergen-Belsen and both Anne and Margot Frank fell victim to
it. After the war the Dutch Red Cross estimated that Anne and Margot Frank
died on March 31, 1945. There are indication, though, that they died a few
weeks earlier. Perhaps at the end of February or the beginning of March,
with Margo dying a few days before Anne.

So, as we can see, though Anne Frank was at Auschwitz fro a short time,
she didn’t die of typhus in the SS infirmary at Auschwitz. (If she _was_
in the infirmary at Birkenau more likely she would have recieved a phenol
injection to the heart!)

Anne Frank died of typhus in the camp at Bergen-Belson around March 1945.

Source: _The Diary of Anne Frank: The Critical Edition_, pp.49-55.



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