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Friedhelm Busse is a veteran of Germany’s radical right. In
1971 Busse founded the People’s Socialist League Party of Labor.
Busse has spent time in prison for inciting racial hatred. Today
he is the leader of Freiheitliche Deutsche Arbeiterpartei
(F.A.P.) which declares as its aim, the realization of national
socialism. Reisz introduced Furey to Busse, who was also taken
in by Furey’s performance. Busse showed Furey his membership
list of 980 names and addresses. This is very significant
because the government has put Busse’s membership at less than

Busse has particular power with German skinheads. He
believes in the use of violence and has discussed various
“actions” with Ron Furey. He is an admirer of Hitler, denier of
the Holocaust, and an advocate of overthrowing the government.
Busse has relationships to the icons of the movement (the
offspring of the leadership of the Third Reich) and is a powerful
speaker…filmed with Furey by CBS camera crew.

Busse’s weakness, however, is that is headstrong and totally
unadaptable. He cannot change his image as a hardened Nazi, and
it is this inflexibility which will probably prevent him from
uniting and taking over Germany’s radical right. Busse’s F.A.P.,
however, continues to grow with Germany’s economic woes, is prone
to violence, and is a force to be reckoned with.

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