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Gord McFee wrote:
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>>[email protected] (Ehrlich606) writes:
>># The *Das Reich* division was being held up by British spies and # local
>>partisans, and some of their leaders were killed.
>># Therefore, as reprisal, they killed a lot of civilians. In # theory,
>>this was legit, but what they did at Ouradour was not. # About 450 men
>>women and children were locked into the church with # explosives and then
>>it was torched.
>>Didn’t a similar type of massacre take place in Lidice, in
>>”retaliation” to the killing of Heydrich?
>Yes, one did. And the people of Lidice had nothing to do with Heydrich’s
>Seems that our friend Ehrlich, who left never to return, has in fact
>returned–a new and less objective Ehrlich.

Bernie Farber responds:

As well, on April 13,1945, near the town of Gardelegen Germany,
a survivor from the forced march out of Dora-Mittelbau concentration
camp states:

” They (SS, Hitler Youth and local police), chased us all into a large barn.
since we were 5,000-6,000 people, the wall of the barn collapsed from the
pressure of the mass of people, and many of us fled. The Germans poured
out petrol and set the barn on fire. Several thousand people were burned
alive. Those of us who had managed to escape, lay down in the nearby wood
and heard the heart-rending screams of the victims. This was on April 13. One
day later the place was conquered by Eisenhower’s army. When the Americans
got there, the bodies were still burning.”

Quoted in Krakowski, “The Death Marches in the Period of the Evacuation of the
Camps,” p. 485 (From Goldhagen’s “Hitler’s Willing Executioners”)

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