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1. The Canadian Jewish News, May 18, 1995
2. The Toronto Sun, Friday May 22, 1995

1. The Canadian Jewish News, May 18, 1995

Burdi sentenced to one year in jail
By Paul Lunger
CJN Staff Reporter

TORONTO – Neo-Nazi leader George Burdi has been sentenced to one
year in jail for kicking an anti-racist demonstrator in the face
during a wild brawl in Ottawa two years ago.

The sentence far outstrips those handed two other white supremacists
charged in the May 1993 melee. Their sentences were in the one- to
two-month range.

Burdi, 24, is leader of the Canadian branch of the violently racist
Church of the Creator and a singer with the music group, RaHoWa
(Racial Holy War). He is also a key figure in Detroit-based
Resistance Records, which distributes the music of racist rock

[…balance of article deals with investigations into allegations
that a Jewish group was responsible for the Zundel arson in Toronto.
The CJC says the group has been defunct since 1978… other
discussion of CSIS involvement in the Heritage Front and Aryan

2. The Toronto Sun, Friday May 22, 1995

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“Judge ups sentence in attack
Neo-Nazi gets year term
By Dawna Dingwall
Ottawa Sun

OTTAWA – Neo-Nazi George Burdi got more than he – and the Crown –
bargained for yesterday in court.

The 24-year-old former head of the Church of the Creator was given a
year in jail for an assault that took place during a May 1993 brawl
with anti-racists.”

[Crown atty. asks for 8 mos, judge gives Burdi 12 months, saying 8
isn’t enough]

‘”In my own mind, I do not feel eight months is sufficient,” Doyal
said of the assault on Elgin St.

Found Guilty

A jury found Burdi, who sells insurance in Toronto, guilty of
assault causing bodily harm, finding that he either kicked Reckzin
in the face, breaking her nose, or encouraged somebody else to do

While Reckzin was pleased with the longer term, she’s not entirely
happy.’ [Says Burdi won’t serve full term]

[Burdi atty asks for fine, promises to appeal conviction and
sentence; says he thinks Burdi is being blamed for “essentially
everything that happened”]

“The clash of Heritage Front members and the Anti-Racist Action
Group took place after Burdi’s band played at neo-Nazi recruiting
concert at the Ottawa Boys and Girls Club.”