Burdi on c 18, Burdi George


The Dishonourable Conduct of C18

If you’re like me, you can’t stand listening to intra-movement gossip. It
is depressing, counter-productive, and a waste of time for us to spend our
energies fighting each other. I have, throughout my near ten years in the
White Power movement, always avoided like the plague wasting one iota of
effort on that small percentage of the movement that tries to spoil things
for the rest of us.
However, this portion of the movement has always been not only a
minority, but left to relative obscurity by a process of natural selection:
good people are recognized as able leaders and rise to prominence, whereas
dolts and corrupt characters are kept on the outside of the movement. But
time changes things, and unfortunate circumstances in England have produced
the greatest blight on our movement that there has ever been in my
lifetime. A group calling itself Combat 18 has opportunistically risen to
fill the void created with the untimely passing of Ian Stuart, and have
proceeded to defile his memory by using his good name to promote their own
self-serving interests. It is my task as a man of honour, to work to set
the record straight so that the English movement can unite with the rest of
Europe and the world, and proceed towards the path of victory with us.
The Blood And Honour movement was originally formed by Ian Stuart,
after problems with The National Front deemed it necessary. It was dubbed
“The Independent Voice Of Rock Against Communism”, because it was to
eternally be free of the self-serving interests of one group or another.
As an “Independent Voice”, B&H needed to stay independent of all
organizations, and was intended to be run by White Power musicians for
White Power musicians. Music alone cannot save our Race, granted, but our
music is precious to us, and highly effective as a recruiting tool, and
those originally attracted to the music can choose for themselves which
group best suits their needs. C18 has gone directly against the wishes of
Ian Stuart by their unapproved takeover of Blood And Honour England, and
with B&H hardly being an “Independent Voice”, it has fallen into disrepute
with an ever-growing percentage of the English scene.
But the problems that people are having with C18 are not just due
to this one point. The reason why B&H was supposed to remain independent,
is that when musicians disagree with the tactics used by a particular
group, they are not bound to support or condemn those actions. Being
independent, they can focus on their artistic act of creating great music,
and they do not need to fret over how a particular organization is going
about achieving its political goals. The bottom line is that just because
someone is gifted with a great voice or the hands of Fast Eddie of Bound
For Glory, it does not necessarily make them a great politician or
activist. Ken McLellan can sing with a voice that must stir the gods, but
does that necessarily mean that he is an effective public speaker? Of
course not. Forcing artists to become activists is in direct conflict with
the principles of social specialization. Not everyone can learn how to
play the guitar like Berserkr’s Tony, or sing with the soulful voice of
Fortress frontman Scott, and to try and force these men to act beyond their
own natural capacities is both unnatural and potentially disastrous. But
this is exactly what C18 have done … marched into a music scene without
being invited, and tried to force conformity amongst the methods used to
replace this system with a healthy one.
Like I have said earlier, compact discs cannot alone accrue to a
political victory for the White Race, but the actions of international
agents of ZOG, in trying to stop the spread of White Power albums,
demonstrates with perfect clarity that Big Brother knows compact discs are
more effective than anything we’ve ever employed to destroy the system.
The “German” government is spending millions of Deutsche marks per year to
search civilian homes, looking for compact discs, because they know full
well that aside from the Internet, nothing has emerged in the last
half-century to give as powerful an edge to White dissenters as our music.
C18 knows that manufacturing and distributing compact discs allow them to
supplement their welfare checks enough to live comfortably, but they do not
use their influence to benefit the movement that they benefit from, but
they have rather acted to DESTROY what Ian Stuart, Ken McLellan, and others
have built over the years.
Just how has C18 served to destroy the English movement? This
question needs a two part answer:

C18 consider themselves “terrorists” of sorts, and proceed to
behave in a manner right out of a bad Hollywood movie about the White Power
movement. The only problem is that “terrorists” that like to talk about
how “terrible” they are never actually do the things they promise. How do
I know this? Because we live in the most high-tech police-state that has
ever existed, and the system can watch us too easily. If you constantly
make public announcements that you are going to break the law, the system
will watch you like you are Saddam Hussein in Israel on vacation. There is
no way out of this reality.
In addition to making errors in judgement worthy of a group of
kindergarten students, C18 feel that it is also their duty to force the
entire English movement to also become Hollywood “terrorists”. And what if
you don’t want to? Then you will receive death threats and be run out of
the “independent” Blood & Honour movement. This is something that has
already happened to some of the movement’s brightest figures.
But the type of “terrorism” that they actually employ are the
juvenile actions atypical of drunken thugs, not the kind of focussed
warfare that will serve to weaken the system. Brawling at football games
may seem like a lot of fun to some people with nothing more productive to
do, but it DOES NOT constitute an act of revolution. The only “terrorism”
that I have seen from C18 is directed at members of the Racialist community
that speak out against their lies and treachery. This brings me to my next

If you fashion yourself to be a pretty big, tough guy, but in reality you
are scared to act like the “terrorist” you say you are, how do you spend
your time? You attack people inside the movement, because they won’t tell
the police, and this will enable you to boost the impression that you are
really the “terrorist” you say you are. C18 has done exactly this: lying
about, slandering, and threatening Paul Burnley of No Remorse, Brad from
Squadron, Jonesy of English Rose, Pajen and Peter from Nordland (Sweden),
Greg from Viking (France), Ben from Viking Sounds (Holland), The British
Hammerskins, Katja and David Lane, George Eric Hawthorne from RAHOWA and
Resistance Records (U.S.A.), The BNP, The British Movement, and many other
notable people doing good work for the White Race. Indeed, it seems that
if you are doing something positive for the White Race, C18 wants to either
leech off you or attempt to destroy you. Using several publications under
their control, they begin gradually, and then feverishly, smearing the
names of anyone who speaks out against their actions, or even commits the
“crime” of wanting to operate independently of them. There is no limit to
the lies that they will tell, and by employing the “big lie” technique of
the Jews, they tell ridiculous stories in the hope that people will believe
them. But people DO NOT believe their nonsense, evidenced by the fact that
even after several months of publicly attacking those bands on their
hit-list, concert-goers continue to travel hundreds of kilometers to see
them play live, and pay good money to own their albums.
When C18 first started attacking Paul Burnley of No Remorse,
everyone that knew Paul knew that their stories were outright fabrications,
but they stood back and let him deal with it, since it was not their
problem, and they weren’t about to become the next victim of C18’s slander
campaign. But as the list of people C18 was attacking grew, their
opponents became more powerful than their supporters, which leads us up to
this day, where C18 is showing their true colors as enemies of the White
Power movement.

We could extend this article far longer, covering every petty
rumor, every pathetic attempt at propaganda, every hopeless slander
campaign, and every single threat issued by Combat 18 over the past two
years. But we will spare you the unnecessary detail, because C18’s
honeymoon is over, and their days are numbered in the movement. However
good their original intentions might have been, their actions have spoken
far louder than their words, and they have revealed themselves to be
enemies of the White Power movement, and therefore enemies of the White
Race. They have succeeded in doing more harm to the English movement than
The Anti-Fascist League ever has, and the reds must hold their bellies
laughing at the effectiveness of C18’s efforts at destroying the movement.
Like a cornered cat, or a traitor exposed, expect to see Combat
18’s lies and slander campaign double, in a vain effort to prevent their
demise or to take their opponents with them. Do not believe their pathetic
words, and send out a message to them that their presence will not be
tolerated any longer. For a decent comrade must not just share our Blood,
but also our Honour, and the conduct of C18 has been totally unbecoming of
White men. Good riddance to Combat 18! May we never again allow such a
negative conglomeration of misfits and hooligans to dominate even one small
corner of our noble movement. Onward with the Fourteen Words!

– George Eric Hawthorne
Lead Vocalist, RAHOWA,
Founder, Resistance Records
Editor, RESISTANCE Magazine

Here is what some of our foremost White Racial Comrades of the modern
movement have to say about Combat 18’s treachery:

“Revolution calls for men who are silent, clear-headed, sober, cunning,
deceptive, self-motivated & ruthless. Whenever possible one man should
work alone, telling no one. Not comrades, nor brother, nor wife. Those
who talk don’t do. Those who do don’t talk. Violate this rule and you
will fall. Often taking wiser men with you.
“Now go to the battle, and do what must be done. Respect the
sacrifices of others. And give up this slander and gossip forever.”

– David Lane, BrŸder Schweigen

“This statement is aimed at all true supporters of Blood & Honour. Those
who still remember why it was formed, its ideals and its goals.
“Since the death of its founder, Ian Stuart, the organisation slowly
fell into turmoil. It is now at a crisis point in the U.K., and appears to
be run now on a purely profit-making basis, and anybody not obeying its
organisers’ directives is immediately classed as a traitor or police
informer. Brutal Attack have stood on the outside over the last 33 months
and watched in dismay. We have refused to play at any concerts or events
set up by C18 because any money raised has become unaccountable. We will
however continue to play and record independently (a crime in the eyes of
C18/ISD) and support 100% Blood & Honour world-wide and all pro-White
organisations. I look forward to the day when Blood and Honour U.K can
regain the respect of its international chapters.
“I remain your loyal contributor to the ongoing struggle. You must all
make up your own minds as I have mine. Try to realise who is working for
you and who is working for themselves.”

– Ken McLellan, Brutal Attack June «96

“I have seen with my own eyes the progress made by Nordland. I have seen
the hard work, the sacrifice,The struggle just to exist. IT is not by
accident or luck that Sweden has such a thriving scene. It was built by
the men C18 would condemn.
“Let it be known now that my loyalty is with Nordland.”

– William, lead vocalist of Shutdown.

“Since the death of Ian Stuart, Blood & Honour has been slowly perverted
from the original ideals for which it was created.
The British Hammerskins do not recognise the current Blood & Honour
England as the Voice of Rock Against Communism. Combat 18 have slowly
destroyed the results of the hard work that kept our movement alive.
“Over the last three years, Combat 18 have divided and persecuted
members of our movement more successfully than any Reds could have. They
have ignored the real enemies and turned their attentions upon those who
refuse to conform to their brand of National Socialism, which in reality is
nothing more than blatant capitalism!
“Combat 18 are purely football hooligans, they are NOT National
Socialists, and they should be regarded as opponents of everything that Ian
Stuart stood for”.

– The British Hammer Skins

“Blood & Honour Scotland was set up in April 1995,as the Independent Voice
of Rock Against Communism in Scotland. In that time we have continually
stated our position,that we will work with any and all White Power
Organisations that promote our cause positively.
“We at Blood & Honour Scotland have long admired the sterling work of
both Resistance and Nordland magazines.We support both of these groups

– Spokesman, Blood & Honour Scotland

“We have witnessed Combat 18 turn friend against friend against friend,with
their constant onslaught of verbal and written lies.
“The stories that they tell mutate from ‘malicious gossip’ into
‘unquestionable guilt for the accused’ within a matter of weeks. Working
on the assumption that ‘If you throw enough shit at someone,eventually some
of it will stick’, they then constantly embellish their stories until they
become pure works of fiction passed off as fact. (Sounds like the
“Of course, C.18 can not produce one single shred of EVIDENCE to support
their allegations! Thank the Gods that real National Socialists have
learned to seek the truth, as opposed to passing on every rumour that they
overhear, otherwise there would be no movement left at all!”

– Squadron

“The streets of England are swarming with the likes of asians, blacks, jews
and the red plague, but the likes of C18 would rather attack members of
White Power bands and activists who have put a lot of hard years into the
“There’s no room within our ranks for such pathetic fools, nor for the
people who believe their lies and support their actions against Racial

– English Rose.

“I hope we can now clear away the dead wood and people in our ranks can
learn from this. Forever on the look out for the enemy outside, whilst the
enemy within gallantly walked in and trampled over our ideals and all we
hold sacred. C18 have achieved in a few short years what the reds and the
Government have failed to do in decades. The Skinhead movement can rise
once more in Britain”.

– Paul Burnley, Lead Vocalist, No Remorse

“First let me state that as a zine editor I strongly support the freedom of
speech and I think we should always stay loyal to the scene without
interfering in personal problems!
“At the time of writing this statement some indivuals/groups in our
movement seem to be doing everything possible to make life impossible to
persons and labels all over the world!
“The group I’m talking about is C18 & co. This group and it’s leader
(Charlie Sargent) are sending statements around filled with crap and
bullshit and they don’t seem to care or feel guilty about it even though
they know that they are writing lies!
“Seems to me that this organisation can’t deal with the fact that there
are other labels around who are releasing better and more professional
material! They claim that all money gained with the label (I.S.D) is used
for their actions and publications! Don’t make me laugh!”
“Have you ever seen one of their publications? Well, mine is also not
exactly what I would like, but shit mate, I don’t receive a few thousand
pounds with funds raising etc… It’s a fact that in each and every issue,
no matter if it’s The Order, Putsch, Blood & Honour, Thorwould, etc… they
are asking for you to send in some money to help them in their struggle???
What struggle, flying to Canada in order to fight George Eric Hawthorne????

“No brother, it stinks and we all know it! To me the whole
organisation is built around money and nothing else, no white power, no NS,
no football, just personal profit! It’s a real shame they are doing all
this hiding behind the name of the greatest leader we ever had, Ian Stuart!
“Comrades, open your eyes and start thinking! Problems started when
Ian died in the tragic car accident and this bunch of wankers took over!
all bands who’ve worked for years for the scene (bands that were personal
friends of Ian’s) turned out to be traitors, thieves, police informants,
etc… Wake up people! We don’t need these people to tell us what to
believe and who to support, start thinking for yourself!
“Support those who are really working for you!”

– Kjell, Editor, AWAKE Zine (Belgium)

“What sickens us most is that C18 uses Ian Stuart’s name for all their
actions. They do everything Ian hated: they split the movement, rip off
the bands, fight people inside the movement and spread lies. We bet he
turns in his grave when he sees this!”

– Svastika

“Everywhere in the world the White Power movement is on the rise,
everywhere except in England! Something is wrong there, and you don’t need
to dig too deep to find the small group of people who are to blame. C18
has been like a cancerous tumor the last couple years, and it feels good to
finally get rid of it. Goodbye, C18!”

– Nordland

“Look at their paper called Redwatch and have a laugh. But it is not funny.
They act exactly the way the media wants us to be seen; like stupid
hooligans and troublemakers. C18 not a group to support if we one day
shall be able to see victory!”

– Christopher Ragne

“In ’92 we played in Brandenburg with Paul Burnley and No Remorse. One of
the guys in NR was so drunk that he could not play, and tried to make
trouble with everybody.
“Paul kicked him out from the band directly, and now this idiot wants to
call his pathetic band “No Remorse” and his idiotic group “Combat 18″.
This is sick. Paul has always been an honourable man, and we want him to
know that we are behind him, Nordland, and Resistance in their struggle for
the truth.”

– Dirlewanger

“Organisations that use its members to settle its own personal grievances
should never have a face within
our movement “.

– Against All Odds
(NS & Skinhead mail order service)

“Charlie Sargeant is a twice convicted drug dealer, this is a matter of
public record. How can we allow such a person to be a member let alone the
leader of a ‘National Socialist’ group? The truth is that whilst there are
a few good people who have been led astray within C18 the vast majority are
mindless thugs live up to the ZOG media’s portrayal of ‘Nazis’. C18 like
to call themselves ‘todays S.A.’. This is an insult to the memory of the
brave, disciplined and organised Brownshirts of the 1930’s. C18 have more
in common with the Red Front than true National Socialism. They must be
stamped out, and all decent Folk Comrades should boycott them and their
events. Let’s not give our hard earned cash to drug dealers!!”

– Steve, long-time B&H Supporter

“Three years ago the British Movement watched the emergence of Combat 18
(C18) and its ‘political wing’ the National Socialist Alliance (NSA).
British Movement had received word from within C18 that the NSA would be
launched to replace the BM, because the leaders of C18 could not influence
the BM leadership into merging with their organisation. The BM leadership
was reluctant to join forces with an organisation led by those who had been
expelled from BM in the past, and one who was known as a convicted drug
smuggler. C18/NSA has threatened and intimidated all those genuine NS and
Racial-Nationalists who have refused to collaborate with C18/NSA. C18/NSA
has lied about BM in its publications and deliberately spread false
information and lies about BM activists and others. C18 activists have
attacked NS activists who have refused to follow C18 demands. This
organisation spends more time and print attacking NS organisations and
White racial-Nationalist groups than it does fighting ZOG. why?”

– National Secretary,. British Movement.

“C18 Are Kidding themselves that they are terrorists, as all we have seen
is knives, coshes and CS gas, and most of them have been used on National
Socialists. We can do without them trying to be something that they will
never be. So, fuck them!”

– Jock & the Boys from Ulster.

“As a Legion Of Hate we do not condemn hate nor violence, if it’s aimed in
the right direction. But as far as we can see, C18’s actions have not
forwarded our cause, but rather the opposite.”

– Heysel, Sweden

“Till this day, the 3 Combat 18 supporting labels, White Terror/ISD/NS88
owes us 780 CD’s (paid for and traded for) with a sales value of $15,600.
We have made dozens of attempts at contacting them to recover our lost
money. I have a letter from the Dutch Postal Service confirming that C18’s
label “ISD” received and signed for three thousand pounds of English
currency, which was sent in registered mail. The signature was of a
top-ranking C18 member. However, they deny ever having received this
money! After being ripped off dealing with these people, I decided
rightfully not to deal with them any longer, and I began to tell people
about what happened to me. For this, C18 began a campaign of phone
threats, threats by mail, threats to my girlfriend (they sent her nails
with a note saying that they will nail her to the bed when they rape her).
It’s time that we act against this sort of people!”

– Ben Oreel, Viking Sounds Netherlands

“Jason Ludwig (real name Jason Zinn) from ‘Wolfpack Services’ bootlegs
SKREWDRIVER CDs, passing them off as ROCK O RAMA CDs. When I told a friend
that he was charging $15 a piece as a wholesale rate for bootlegged CDs, I
got a call from him threatening me saying that he has ‘exclusive rights’ to
bootleg SKREWDRIVER CDs from C18, and that I should watch what I say
because ‘C18 wants to talk to you!’ I promptly told him to fuck off and
told him where he could stick his hilarious threats.”

– Eric Owens, Pro-White Folk Musician

“Extortion. Protection rackets. Threats of arson and violence.
Rumor-mongering and slander. These are all activities suited for either
the jewish mafia or a jewish ‘civil rights’ group . It is hard to imagine
a group of professed Racial Loyalists and National Socialists using these
tactics against other groups within our movement. And yet sadly, it
appears to be true. These are the actions of people who obviously have no
respect for our movement and its principles, have a serious misconception
of what those principles are, or are people who simply are not what they
claim to be.
“Many people who have been aware of C18’s activities and have watched
them continue to degenerate over the last several years, have remained
silent. It has been our hope that this group was simply going through a
phase and that reason would set in. Had these same activities been carried
out by the JDL or a gang of muds there would have been no question of what
to do. But these people claimed to be racists. Out of respect for our
racial movement, we did not wish to cause more harm to our cause by making
an issue out of something that would blow over.
“Regrettably, it has become obvious that this situation is not going
to blow over. C18 has already done much to drive away new people from the
movement, and they threaten to do much greater harm to those already in it.
It has come time for honorable people to speak out before C18’s rhetoric
becomes action, and good racial comrades die senselessly in a firebombing
attack because they shopped in the wrong pro-white store, or are knifed to
death for wearing the wrong white power patch. Our movement is a movement
of strength. We will not be cowed into submission by those who openly
stand against us, and nor shall we by those who claim to stand beside us.”

– Mark Wilson, Stormfront Records

“How can I support a group who says they have respect for Ian Stuart, and
then serve to totally destroy the once great unity of Britain, spread tons
of lies about various dedicated people, and send death threats to their
girlfriends and families? B&H should have been an independent voice for
ALL Nationalist bands, the way Ian intended it, but now it is just the
independent voice of C18. According to David Lane, everyone should be
judged by their accomplishments, not their words. But what accomplishments
have C18 ever done?”

– Greg, Viking Zine

“We don’t know how or why this conflict has erupted, and we don’t care.
But there is one thing that we know for sure, how the fuck are we gonna
achieve our aims, what we’re struggling for, if these conflicts and
internal squabblings continue? Is it jealousy, etc? We say that these
trouble-makers can lay off with what they’re doing and continue to fight at
football-stadiums, where they belong. They can continue to play hooligans
and stop interfering with the racial struggle.”

– Division S

“They try to live up to the media-hype fallacy/delusion/false notion that
racialists are bully-hooligans. They have distorted National Socialism to
some ugly misfit, instead of discipline they stand for anarchy, instead of
intelligence they stand for foolishness. We’re striving for freedom and
harmony, let us then prove this to the world, so that we may live to see
the dream of the thousand-years Reich with Hitler’s dream of Germania in
its centre.”

– Germania

“Svea Musik supports all serious Racial nationalist organizations which
participate in the struggle for our Holy Cause. We don’t support those
like C18 who waste both time and energy to work against and harrass the
like-minded. These scum which do this must have other aims than the
well-being of our race, and must be excluded from every position within the
movement. The enemy’s power is overwhelming and only united can we bring
them down. White Unity is White Victory!”

– Svea Musik

“I have personally dealt with C18, Yannick Pollet (Excalibur Records
Belgium) and Jason Ludwig and have never had a good experience among them.
I owned Chaos Records in Chicago which was a small record and clothing
store. My biggest selling merchandise by far was the racial merchandise
(in fact, it consisted of nearly 75% of my gross sales throughout the
store!) In dealing with the aforementioned people, I had the hardest time
of my life getting merchandise (CD’s, T-shirts, etc…)from them. At one
time Jason Ludwig was charging me $18 apiece (WHOLESALE!) for Skrewdriver
CD’S which he said he was getting as imports. I later found out he had
bootlegged them himself and was profiting about $15 a CD. Yannick Pollet
who runs Excalibur Records in Belgium owes me money on Final Solution CD’s
I had to re-send to him twice, because he claims he never received either
package. I still have not received any money over 5 months later. Anytime
I tried to contact C18 in England, I was given the extreme runaround as to
where to buy CD’s from and was ultimately shoved in the direction of Jason
Ludwig and Wolfpack Dis-services. These people our ruining our music scene
by bootlegging our music and ripping us off like we are the enemy. We need
to unite as racial musicians and racial comrades to cut this cancer from
our movement before it grows. Final Solution and I personally support the
campaign to remove Combat 18 and anyone like them from our ranks. Let’s
stop the madness! 88!”

– Chris Picciolini, Final Solution

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