Burdi lyrics, Burdi George


In your heart you felt the cause of our age,
In your moment of glory at the crest of the wave,
Like a comet you burned, like a tempest you raged,
As a hero of the People you suffered to save.

As a man against time in a world so bizarre,
In the myst of tomorrow you shine like a star,
In the vision of legends and martyrs afar,
Like a prophet and soldier we know who you are.

Like the soul that cries forth in its hour of pain,
Like the cloud that gives life to the field with its rain,
For the hope of and the legacy of the Race born again,
Destiny called you to rise above men.

And up you did rise and a hero was born,
A man that we love, and cherish, and mourn,
A legend in time, a bringer of storm,
A vanguard of promise in a world that we scorn.

And for every White man in touch with your dream,
As the nightmare unfolds and the White children scream,
You were baptized in flames, you died to defend,
In the fire that claimed you, clutching faith to the end.

I will hold your brave memory alive in my soul,
I will teach your proud name to all that I know,
I will live to complete the task you began,
As a worthy and righteous and noble White man.

And if the day dawns when our People are free:
Free to rejoice, to be proud and believe,
You will be like a God unto our fair kind,
Robert Mathews: the Warrior, the Man Against Time.

— George Eric Hawthorne
Lead vocalist of RAHOWA
“Man Against Time,” from “Cult of the Holy War”
Resistance Records, 1995

Resistance Records: http://www.resistance.com/ (Page doesn`t exist)

“The fate of every last White man, woman, and child on this planet lies
squarely on the shoulders of us here today. Out of all the White
racialist organizations in the Nation, the [National] Alliance, and only
the Alliance has the potential to bring us to victory!” — Bob Mathews

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