Burdi loses appeal, Burdi George

While one should not trust all the facts in this informational
email from George Burdi’s friends — their statement about
what Burdi was convicted of is simply wrong — it does eloquently
convey one essential fact. Namely, that Burdi’s appeal for his
conviction has been rejected by the appelant [sic] sourt.

We are pleased to note that, for his role in bravely stomping the
head of a woman who was already on the ground, Mr. Burdi will be
spending at least several months as a guest of the province of

– Jamie McCarthy
[email protected]
March 1, 1997

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Subject: George Hawthorne’s Appeal Results
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Vol. 3, No. 38 February 28th, 1997

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The Resistance Records Electronic Newsletter,
sent out irregularly, free of charge, to an ever-increasing
email list reaching the far-flung corners of the White world!
Nearly 2,000 subscribers!


Greetings Friends & Supporters,

The staff at Resistance Records would like to inform you of the
results of George Hawthorne’s appeal. Most of you know the
details of the case. For those of you that don’t, allow me to
give them to you. In case you’re really new to all of this,
George Hawthorne is the founder of Resistance Records,
the editor of RESISTANCE Magazine, the founder and
lead singer of the band RAHOWA, and he puts together
our email newsletter, the RREN.

George was arrested and charged a few years ago with
“assault causing bodily harm” for an attack that occurred on an
anti-racist in Canada’s notorious “Ottawa Riots” following an
aborted RAHOWA concert. He was found guilty of not actually
committing the assault, but in “abetting”. Yes, you got it right.
They basically placed the blame of the entire riot on George’s
shoulders. He was sentenced to ONE YEAR in jail. Funny how
that worked out. It was his first offense and there was no real
“proof” of anything, just heresay.

Some guys were caught on film in the act of assaulting people
with chains and they only got 45 or 90 days. An anti-racist
attacked a police officer with a steel pipe and got no time. All
he had to do was write a 500 word essay on how kids should
become “active” in promoting anti-racism. Just like him. Oh, he
also had to give an “apology” to the cop. Is there any justice left
in this world? You tell me.

George served 3 weeks and got out on appeal bail. He waited
almost 2 years for the appeal. The appelant court upheld both
the conviction and the sentence. So he has begun serving his
1 year sentence. He “should” be released on parole in 4 months
(1/3 of the sentence) and at most in 8 months (2/3 of the
sentence). Please note my “cynicism”. We’ll keep you posted.

Regardless, we at Resistance HQ are now handling George’s
email. We will be issuing a formal letter from George on his
situation with our next mailing of Resistance Magazine (due out
in a few weeks) and our next catalog mailing to non-subscribers.
Subscribers to RREN should also be getting something. Please
note that there hasn’t been an RREN in quite some time. With
George away, its release will be sporadic at best. We appreciate
your understanding in this matter.

We would like to ASSURE YOU that BUSINESS WILL GO ON
AS USUAL!!! Our WEB site will still be up and running. You
will still be able to order music from it. Orders will still be
processed FAST and efficiently. The service you expect from
us will continue to be delivered. Also, RESISTANCE MAGAZINE
WILL STILL BE PUBLISHED! It may come out a little later, but
rest assured, if you paid for a subscription for 4 issues or for

If you conduct personal correspondence with George via email,
this is to let you know that he won’t be getting it. If you have
any questions regarding RESISTANCE RECORDS, YOUR
direct them to us at:

[email protected]

Also, I can now give you his mailing address in case you wish
to write him and give him your support. PLEASE NOTE that
George’s legal last name is “Burdi”, NOT “Hawthorne” which
is his pen-name. Address all correspondence to “George Burdi”
or he will NOT get it!

His address:

George Burdi
Dorm 6
2244 Innes Road
Gloucester, ON
N1B 4C4

Thanks again for your continued support. We value all of our
customers. You are the reason we are still here going stronger
than ever. Without you, there would be no Resistance Records.
We plan on getting even bigger and badder! What does not
kill us makes us stronger. George sends his regards and his

Stay strong and Keep the Faith!

Joe C. Alexander
Resistance Staff
RESISTANCE HQ email address: [email protected]
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[email protected]
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That’s all!

Check it out:
http://www.resistance.com (Page doesn`t exist)

http://www.cyberenet.net/~micetrap/rahowa.html (Page doesn`t exist)

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