Burdi convicted, Droege Wolfgang

1. Toronto Star, April 11, 1995
2. New York Times, Thursday, April 13, 1995
3. Canadian Jewish News, April 20, 1995

1. Toronto Star, April 11, 1995

Neo-Nazi musician is guilty of assault
By Mark Bourrie
Special to the Star

OTTAWA – Anti-racism activists say yesterday’s conviction of a Toronto
neo-Nazi leader has shattered a powerful pillar of Canada’s white
supremacy movement.

[Burdi convicted of] assault causing bodily harm for kicking an
anti-Nazi activist in the face…

…concert to recruit high school students to the Heritage Front.

…broken up by anti-racist protesters and the Ottawa police riot


2. New York Times (International)

White Supremacist Is Convicted
By The New York Times

TORONTO, April 12 – The leader and founder of a white supremacist
music and publishing network based in Detroit has been found guilty
of aggravated assault in a melee between white-power supporters and
anti-racist demonstrators in Ottawa in 1993.


Mr. Burdi, a Canadian citizen, could be barred from entering the
United States under immigration regulations that exclude foreigners
with criminal records.


3. The Canadian Jewish News April 20, 1995

From Coast to Coast

Burdi convicted
By Paul Lungen
CJN Staff Reporter

TORONTO – The assault conviction last week of a key Canadian
neo-Nazi is expected to put a damper on white supremacy plans to
recruit young people.

The conviction will also prevent George Burdi, 24, from entering the
United States. In recent years Burdi, a resident of Woodbridge,
Ont., has produced hate recordings in Detroit under the Resistance
Records label. He is also involved with _Resistance_ magazine.

Last week in Ottawa, a seven-man, five-woman jury deliberated for
almost five hours before finding Burdi guilty of kicking an
anti-racist in the face during a wild brawl at the Canadian War
Memorial on May 29, 1993.

Alicia Reckzin, 22, suffered a broken nose in the attack.

Burdi was in Ottawa with his band RaHoWa (Racial Holy War) to play a
concert, which was broken up by anti-racists and the Ottawa police
riot squad. Later, a group of white supremacists roamed through
downtown Ottawa and Burdi and Heritage Front leader Wolfgang Droege
led a charge into a group of anti-racists.

Droege, who entered the court wearing leg shackles, testified that
he, not Burdi, led the charge against the anti-racists.

Burdi will be sentenced on May 11.