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Richard Schultz wrote:
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>George Hawthorne wrote:
>>KEN MCVAY IS A PATHOLOGICAL LIAR. He ignores the facts, and like the
>>rest of his ilk, lies like a rug to distort reality. The jew is the
>>master of deception.
>Would pointing out that Ken McVay is not Jewish make any difference?
>I didn’t think so.
> Richard Schultz
>”I seem to smell a peculiar and a fishlike smell.”

He is a jew. Perhaps not by birth, but if one whines like a jew,
complains like a jew, and lies like a jew, he is a jew.

’nuff said.

George Hawthorne
Vocalist, Rahowa
Founder, Resistance Records

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[email protected] (StukaFox) wrote:
>Girl-Beate Burdir ([email protected]) wrote:
>: White people are a global minority (about 10%), and without a homeland
> I’m sorry, what is it you think Europe is again?
>Mike “Hey, hillbilly! Put down that booger!” Beebe

Well, Mike, ever been to Europe? It is darkening FAST, and is far
from being a “White Homeland”. It may be our ancestral homeland, our
point of departure, our evolutionary fatherland, but it is no
sanctuary for our people. Besides, even if it were, Europe is
overcrowded and has no room for millions of North American whites.
We need a White Homeland right here in the USA…to begrudge us this
right is an act of genocide (as defined by the United Nations).

George Hawthorne
Rahowa/Resistance Records
email: [email protected]
Mailing address: Resistance Records, P.O. Box 24700, Detroit, MI,
48224, U.S.A.
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