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Subject: [Brigade] Anti-Semitism…Setting the Record Straight
Received: 3/6/96
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From: “Linda Muller”
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Date: Tue, 05 Mar 1996
Subject: [Brigade] Anti-Semitism…Setting the Record Straight

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PS All typos are MINE and this IS an Official Buchanan for
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For Immediate Release:
March 1, 1996

Pat Buchanan
– Setting the Record Straight on Anti-Semitism

Pat Buchanan has always favored a strong, independent
state of Israel. He has been a lifelong friend to the
Jewish people, both individually and collectively speaking.

In 1973, as a special assistant to President Nixon, he
strongly supported the decision to aid the Israelis with a
massive airlift that saved the country in the Yom Kippur

In 1976, he supported the Israeli raid on Entebbe, and in
1981 he supported the Begin government’s attack on the
Baghdad nuclear reactor.

In 1986, he was instrumental in getting Natan Sharanski
released from the Gulag at the urging of his wife Avital.

His columns throughout his 20 years as a columnist contain
numerous affirmations of his view that the U.S. has a
“moral commitment – to guarantee the security and survival
of the Israeli state,” (as he told Human Events editor
Allan Ryskind in 1992), and not a single reference that can
remotely be considered anti-Semitic. Why, then, the

The charges of anti-Semitism are based on political
disputes; stands that Mr. Buchanan has taken over the years
which have angered some columnists, lobbyists, and pundits.
They are rooted, in part, in disagreements about the
direction of American foreign policy, and have nothing to
do with supposed expressions of racist or anti-Semitic
sentiment by Mr. Buchanan.

Some of these stands include:

* His support of the “land for peace” policy in the
Middle East, which is now the official policy of the
Israeli government.

* His early opposition to a U.S. commitment to
re-establish the Emir of Kuwait because it would put
American lives at stake in a conflict that he believed was
not in America’s vital interest. Actually, Buchanan
favored deterring Saddam Hussein’s aggression in Saudi

* His defense of John Demjanjuk, a retired Cleveland
auto worker, against the charge that he was “Ivan the
Terrible,” the Treblinka Death Camp guard responsible for
the mass murder of Jews. Despite deportation by the U.S.
Justice Department on the basis of evidence falsified by
the Soviet KGB, the Israeli Supreme Court subsequently
ruled that it was a case of mistaken identity, which
Buchanan had maintained all along.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

In the past six months, anonymous sources have distributed
“documentation” of the charges of anti-Semitism, quoting
Mr. Buchanan’s past columns and public statements. These
quotations — clearly taken out of context and given the
most malicious interpretation possible — represent a
transparent effort to misrepresent Pat Buchanan on issues
relating to the Jewish people, Israel, and racial
minorities. The following refutation of some of the more
outrageous charges (in quotes) should help to set the
record straight.

1.”Buchanan told Elie Wiesel that President Reagan must not
surrender to ‘Jewish pressure’ against visiting a German
cemetery where SS men were buried.”

* This story was originally broadcast on NBC by Marvin
Kalb, soon before President Reagan made a controversial
visit to Bitburg cemetery in 1985. Kalb reported that
Buchanan had been observed writing, “over and over again,”
“succumbing to the pressure of the Jews.” The alleged
source of the story later told the New York Times that Kalb
was mistaken about the notation, and that “This is a
complete flap over nothing. . . Any criticism of Mr.
Buchanan based on his notes is a bum rap.” Kalb later
apologized for the report.

2.”In a 1977 column Buchanan called Hitler an ‘individual of
great courage’ who possessed ‘extraordinary gifts.'”

* The excerpted phrases are intended to leave the
impression that the column was a tribute to Adolf Hitler.
In reality, the column was, in large part, an account of
historian John Toland’s widely-acclaimed biography of
Hitler. A characterization of Toland’s depiction of
Hitler, reads, “Though Hitler was indeed racist and
anti-Semitic to the core, a man who without compunction
could commit murder and genocide, he was also an
individual of great courage, a soldier’s soldier in the
Great War, a political organizer of the first rank, a
leader steeped in the history of Europe, who possessed
oratorical powers that could awe even those who despised
him.” In the same column Buchanan writes that “Hitler was
marching along the road toward a New Order where Western
civilization would not survive.” Far from an endorsement of
Hitler, the column warned of making the same mistake with
Mao Tse-tun and Taiwan in 1977 that deluded western
leaders made with Hitler and Czechoslovakia in the `30s.

3. “In an interview in Present Tense magazine, Buchanan
stated that ‘if my friends in the Jewish community feel Pat
Buchanan, a traditionalist Catholic, owes some kind of
apology for the record of the Holy Father during World War
II, they can wait, because it’s not going to be

* The context of the comment was the demand by Bronx
Rabbi Avraham Weiss for the Catholic Church to expel
Carmelite nuns from their convent at Auschwitz, on the
grounds that their presence there was an insult to Jewish
sensibilities, since Pope Pius XII and the Church were
allegedly complicit in the Holocaust. Weiss actually
invaded the convent at Auschwitz to protest the nuns’
presence. The Boston Herald wrote in defense of Weiss’
actions, saying “The coldness of it was numbing: On the
spot where one-quarter of European Jewry was martyred, the
church that for 1,000 years had done so much to feed
anti-Semitism intended to set up shop.”

Pat Buchanan wrote a column defending the Catholic Church
and Pope Pius XII against the slur (which had its origins
in Rolf Hochhuth’s fictional play “The Deputy” in 1963),
and pointing out that the contemporary testimony of Jewish
leaders contradicted the charges, in fact praising Pius XII
for saving Jewish lives.

4. “On the McLaughlin Report, August 26, 1990: ‘There are only
two groups that are beating the drums for war in the middle
East, the Israeli Defense Ministry and its amen corner in
the United States.”

* Early in the Gulf crisis, before the big buildup of
U.S. ground troops in the Gulf, some columnists in the U.S.
and Israeli officials were clamoring for an early strike
against the Iraq. According to a contemporary account in
the New York Times “Many Israeli politicians, academic
experts an citizens are growing nervous, and in some cases
angry, after concluding that the United States wants a
political solution and is not looking for a military
confrontation in the Persian Gulf.

“If the United States doesn’t solve the problem now,”
Prime Minister Shamir’s chief of staff was quoted, “Then,
they’ll have to fly the Marines back here again.”

Many military experts agreed that such an action would
risk a disaster. It was in this context that the remark was
made. It was close to a month after the comment was made —
without objection from any quarter — when A.M. Rosenthal
made the first public accusation of anti-Semitism against
Mr. Buchanan.

5. “In 1987 Buchanan lobbied to stop deportation of Karl
Linnas, accused of Nazi atrocities in Estonia.”

*Buchanan’s objection to the summary deportation of Karl
Linnas to the Soviet Union — where he had been tried in
absentia and sentenced to death in 1962 — was not that a
Nazi war criminal ought not to be deported and executed,
but that Linnas’ deportation was based on a trial in the
Soviet Union where no U.S. standards of justice applied.
That judgment was seconded at the time by the Washington
Post, which opined that “a true and disturbing question
remains whether justice by accepted American standards was
done in this case, where a human life – never mind what
kind of a human he may have been — is on the line,”

6. “On March 2, 1992, at a campaign rally in Marietta,
Georgia, where Rabbi Avi Weiss called out, ‘Your
anti-Semitism makes America last,’ Buchanan shot back,
“This rally is of Americans, for Americans and for the
good ‘ol USA, my friends,”

* The comment, as reported by columnists Rowland Evans
and Robert Novak at the time, was not directed to the
Jewish protesters, but part of the campaign speech. “It is
doubtful Buchanan is talking to the protesters — an
impression confirmed by reporters on the scene who did not
question the candidate about it after the incident,” they

7. “In 1990, before the Gulf War, Buchanan wrote that if the
US went to war, ‘the fighting would be done by kids with
names like McAllister, Murphy, Gonzales and Leroy Brown,”
The National Review commented that ‘There is no way to read
that sentence without concluding that Pat Buchanan was
suggesting that American Jews manage to avoid personal
military exposure even while advancing military policies
they (uniquely?) engender.”

* Read in context, it is clear that Mr. Buchanan is making
reference to an editorial in the Economist magazine that
urged, “Mr. Bush must go to war and that “the civilized
world must win this fight.” Buchanan was making the point
that the casualties would be American, not British.

The quote from National Review’s William F. Buckley, Jr.,
is based on his incorrect implication that the column
mentioning “McAllister Murphy, Gonzales and Leroy Brown”
was in the same piece that listed A.M. Rosenthal, Richard
Perle, Charles Krauthammer and Henry Kissinger as
supporters of an early strike against Saddam. In fact,
that column addressed another issue, the looming split
among conservatives on the issue of the Gulf War.

It is clear from these examples that the intent of the
accusers has been to twist the truth.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
On Patrick Buchanan and anti-Semitism

“As a Jew, I never felt any hostility from Buchanan on
that score, never heard him make a disparaging remark about
Jews, never noticed any difference in the way he treats
Jews and non-Jews,”
-Michael Kinsley, co-host of CNN’s “Crossfire”

“Even after the Rosenthal column, nobody responsible in
the Republican Party said, ‘Yes, Pat Buchanan is an
anti-Semite.’ They didn’t join in. Very few journalists
joined in. What happened was, when he entered the
presidential politics, then he entered a new level of
criticism and attack on him.”
-Robert Novak, syndicated columnist

“I’ve known [Pat] now for twenty-five years. We have
agreed on almost nothing, starting with Richard Nixon . . ,
there’s not a scintilla of evidence in all I’ve known about
Pat that he is anti-Semitic . . , This is an attempt to say
that if you disagree with Israel on a matter of policy,
you can be called anti-Semitic…”
-Jack Germond, Baltimore Sun columnist

“No true Christian can carry within his heart hatred for
any of God’s children . . . I am as aware as any other
Christian that our Savior was Jewish, His mother was
Jewish. The Apostles were Jewish. The first martyrs were
Jewish…So no true Christian, in my judgment, can be an
– Pat Buchanan, comment to a Christian magazine, 1992
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Selected Quotations from columns by Patrick J, Buchanan

*On the Israeli invasion of Lebanon, 6/25/82
“Politically, mankind suffered no irreversible loss with
the sweeping of the PLO from the international chess board.
As virulently anti-American as it was anti-Israeli, the PLO
has been a Soviet cat’s-paw, the linchpin of international
terror, the base camp for the worst elements on earth, a
friend to every enemy of the United States from the
Sandinistas in Nicaragua to Idi Amin in Uganda.”

*On the state of Israel, 1983
“Israel remains a tough, resourceful, energetic nation, an
offspring of the West . . . whose current struggle merits
sympathy and support.”

*On the Israeli strike against Iraqi nuclear reactor,
“From a security perspective, the Israelis’ preemptive
strike against the Iraqi nuclear reactor outside Baghdad
was timely and crucial.
..Given the implacable hatred of Baghdad for Israel– the
nation is referred to only as “The Zionist Entity” — the
prospect, indeed, the probability of atomic weapons in
Iraqi hands, was one with which the Israelis literally
could not live.
..righteous United States condemnation of Israel, a small
sliver of land with three major cities, rings hollow. How,
for example, would we expect President Reagan and Secretary
of State Haig to act if weapons-grade material were being
fed into a Soviet-built Cuban reactor, with Castro
declaring: ‘This one is for the Yankees.
..what Israeli could go to sleep secure with revanchist
Palestinians a few miles away nursing their hatred of the
‘Zionist imperialists’ who destroyed their homeland and
drove their fathers and mothers into refugee camps?”

*On the Israeli annexation of the Golan Heights, 12/17/85
“It would not be at all unreasonable if the Israelis came
to the conclusion that their survival, more than ever,
depends upon themselves alone. If a majority in that
country have arrived at such a conclusion, it is natural
to seek security in geography and guns, not treaties and
..The militants — Syria, Libya, Iraq, the military wing
of the PLO — will settle for nothing less than eradication
of the “Zionist entity” from the Arab world. Within Egypt,
Lebanon and Saudi Arabia, there are millions more for whom
the humbling and destruction of the Jewish state is a
nightly dream. Even the “moderate” governments in the
region — Egypt, for example — could probably not survive
a permanent peace which left East Jerusalem under Israeli

*On former Prime Minister Rabin, 9/17/93
“…the statesman who brought peace after a half century
of fighting for Israel’s place in the sun.”
– – – – – – – – -end – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
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