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George Martin
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>>I have posted even more “tons” of information which contradicts his
>>posts. Evidently you did not see them. Lately, he only posts the one
>>about the “Gas Vans”, which I stated that no physical proof of any kind
>>exists to prove they were no more than another propaganda story made up
>>by the Russians.

What is your definition of “physical proof?” For most people, “physical”
would be anything which can be perceived with one or more of the five senses.
In that case, documents are “physical proof.”

How about the following?
Letter to Reich Minister of Justice
From Roman Catholic Bishop of Limburg
13 August 1941

…Buses arrive in Hadamar several times a week with a large number of these
victims. School children in the neighborhood know these vehicles and say:
“Here comes the murder wagon.” After the arrival of such vehicles the
citizens of Hadamar then see the smoke coming from the chimney and are upset
by constant thoughts about the poor victims especially when, depending on the
direction of the wind, they have to put up with the revolting smell. The
consequence of the principles being practiced here is that children, when
quarrelling with one another make remarks like: “You are thick, you’ll be put
in the oven in Hadamar.” People who do not want to get married or who do not
get the opportunity say: “Get married? No fear. Put children into the world
who then end up going through the stack.” Old people are saying “on no
account will I go into a state hospital! After the feeble-minded, the old
will be next in line as useless mouths to feed.”
Letter to Obersturmbannfuehrer Walter Rauff
From Willy Just
5 June 1942
RE: Technical alterations to the special vehicles already in operation and
those in production.

Since December 1941, for example, 97,000 have been processed using three vans
without any faults developing in the vehicles. The well-known explosion in
Kulmhof (Chelmno) must be treated as a special case. It was caused by faulty
practice. Special instructions have been given to the relevant offices in
order to avoid such accidents. The instructions were such as to ensure a
considerable increase in the degree of security.

Further operational experience hitherto indicates that the following
technical alterations are appropriate….

2) The vans are normally loaded with 9-10 people per square meter. With the
large Saurer special vans this is not possible because although they do not
become overloaded their maneuverability is much impaired. A reduction in the
load area appears desirable. It can be achieved by reducing the size of the
van by c. 1 meter. The difficulty referred to cannot be overcome by reducing
the size of the load. For a reduction in the numbers will necessitate a
longer period of operation because the free spaces will have to be filled
with CO. By contrast, a smaller load area which is completely full requires
a much sorter period of operation since there are no free spaces…..

3) The connecting hoses between the exhaust and the van frequently rust
through because they are corroded inside by the liquids which fall on them.
To prevent this the connecting piece must be moved so that the gas is fed
from the top downwards. This will prevent liquids flowing in…..

6) The lighting must be better protected against damage than hitherto….It
has been suggested that lighting should be dispensed with since they are
allegedly never used. However, experience shows that when the rear door is
closed and therefore when it becomes dark, the cargo presses hard towards the
door….It makes it difficult to latch the door.Furthermore, it has been
observed that the noise always begins when the doors are shut presumably
because of fear brought on by the darkness….
BTW, these documents were not captured by the Soviets and they never had
care, custody or control over them (no more so than over the Brecker to Rauff
report that has been posted previously). Who captured these documents? Our
GIs – the American forces…..our very own vets who gave so much in the
battle against Hitler and the Nazis.

Now, are you trying to tell us that the US soliders in WWII were secretly in
league with the Soviets in some wild conspiracy to frame the Nazis?

I guess that would make Conspiracy #2….does it come BEFORE or AFTER the
Zionist Conspiracy?

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