Brittany Spears, Berg Friedrich

Fritz has a long history of subjective unease and an explosive temper
around folk who disagree with him about this or that. Only last year he
told me personally, via telephone, of his respect for Scott Smith, spoke
about how Scott had helped him, encouraged me to cooperate more with
Scott. Yet now it appears that Fritz, who I consider a friend tho he is
very angry and contemptuous of me, Fritz now appears to be entering a
psychological and spiritual meltdown that surprises me, even after the
15 – 20 erratic years that I have known and associated with him.

Even I am surprised to see that Fritz has now written and widely
distributed this: “My simple recommendation for people who practice or
condone kosher slaughter is that: ‘They deserve to be exterminated.’ I
ain’t kidding …. ”

There is a moral blindness to this statement that is inexcusable, and
can only be approached from a perspective that Fritz needs to spend a
lot of time with a shrink, or a priest, and very much less time with
himself. I regret very much that it has come to this. All of the work he
now does, from this point on, to relieve Germans from the charge of
“unique monstrositiy,” will be compromised as never before.

Fritz is making of himself the Brittany Spears of the revisionist world
— the difference being that Fritz has done some of the most original,
important, and convincing work that we know of. Being annoyed with Jews
who defend kosher slaughter — a disgusting pracrtice — is one thing,
calling for their “extermination” another. Calling for the
“extermination” of Chinese or Muslims who use cruel methods to kill
animals does not palliate his statement. It only adds to the depth of
moral turpitude that he is suffering. Maybe it’s a temporarly lapse.
Hopefully it is a temporary lapse. But I have a bad feeling about
this. A bad feeling.


[Friedrich Berg’s response]

Bradley Smith has jumped into the discussion–almost out of the blue–with
an intense, unwarranted personal attack on me in order to defend Scott Smith
and, I suppose, hold the microscopic and dwindling congregation of CODOH
followers together (“keep those checks coming, suckers”). He even accuses
me now of “moral blindness” and insists that I need to spend “a lot of time
with a shrink, or a priest, and very much less time with” myself. Bradley
Smith merely proves that it is he who is morally blind. People who practice
or condone Kosher slaughter of animals should be exterminated–so be it!

The last time Bradley ventured forth with personal attacks on me was not
that long ago. It occurred after I had gone to some lengths on the CODOH
Discussion Forum to expose Mark Weber as the shameless backslider and
pseudo-revisionist that he truly is.

The material that follows is all from the thread I started on RODOH entitled
“Kosher Slaughter of Goyim.” It was on the main discussion forum until it
was dumped into the so-called “Hebden Memorial Forum” (the name even sounds
like a burial vault which it actually is, in fact). Look at the following
videos and related videos on youTube, if you possibly can, and then read the
all-too-typical rationalizations and excuses Jews make to defend such
depravity. The fanatical sophistry of Jews on this subject is almost
identical to the never-ending sophistry Jews use to defend the holocaust
hoax–that is one important lesson from this exercise. Jews really are

QUOTES from RODOH Discusion Forum:

This is how kosher meat is made. Secretly recorded inside a kosher
slaughterhouse. The video shows a worker cutting cows’ throats while the
cows are still alive, in accordance with Jewish law, and the cows flailing
on the ground afterwards.

Re: Kosher slaughter is a capital crime!
What I said about the depravity of Jews and others who defend Kosher
slaughter with their endless lies and deceptions should be repeated. Such
people deserve extermination.

I have some professional experience with slaughter practices here in the US
and they are all monstrous–but Kosher is the ultimate abomination. The
alternative practice as followed in Europe, especially Germany, is
infinitely more humane by comparison as the following video proves. The
following video (and there are others on youTube) show that:

There is NO sane reason why large animals cannot be stunned before
slaughter. The video above shows just how this is done with a well-placed
bullet into the brain of the animal. Jews, however, are the most dishonest
creatures on the planet and have endlessly deceived whomever they could with
the Big LIE (not their only Big LIE) that their Kosher methods are somehow
almost painless, and even humane–or even kill the animal “instantly.” Only
a thoroughly enslaved and depraved nation like the USA can condone such
monstrous jewish lies.

Friedrich Paul Berg
Learn everything at

END OF QUOTES from RODOH Discussion Forum thread: “Kosher Slaughter of

Bradley Smith and Scott Smith are programmed for failure because lurking in
their minds is the eternal fear that they might be seen as anti-Semtic, or
unfair to Jews. Gee whiz, if we make nice with them Jews, maybe they will
see the errors in their arguments and admit there really was no holocaust.
What do you think, folks–any chance of that ever happening? The problems
are NOT the “holocaust” or the Nazis, or Hitler, or the Germans;–the
problems are J-u-d-a-i-s-m and the Jews. Bradley Smith and Scott Smith just
don’t get it, and never will.

As bad as the holocaust hoax is with its horrendous consequences for the
entire world, the horrors of Kosher slaughter and inhumane slaughter by
others are, to my mind, just as morally important, if not more so.

Friedrich Paul Berg
From: *Bradley Smith* >
Date: Jan 18, 2008 1:59 PM
Subject: Re: RODOH and the Kosher Slaughter of Goyim