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by Julian Kossoff

The Attorney-General is investigating the latest pamphlet produced
by the fictitious organisation, Anglo-Hebrew Publishing. The pamphlet
includes an appeal for donations to combat the “cancer of Zionism.”

The violently anti-Israel pamphlet, entitled “Charity begins at
home,” has been distributed to a small number of Jewish people in the
London area.

An accompanying letter appeals for sympathy for the Dowager Lady
Birdwood, who was found guilty in 1991 of distributing anti-Jewish
leaflets intended to stir up racial hatred.

Mike Whine, defence director of the Board of Deputies, told the JC
that the leaflet had been passed on to the Attorney-General.

In May, Anglo-Hebrew Publishing distributed a hoax letter
requesting donation to Jewish homes in London.

This is apparently the _Searchlight_ article over which Al Baron is suing:


Antisemitic attacks are being reported from several parts of the
country. At the same time as attacks on Jewish cemeteries and property
have increased, a wave of Holocaust denial and antisemitic hoax material
has been circulating.

It is now more than three years since the last major wave of
antisemitic incidents in Britain, although they have continued unabated
in other parts of Europe.

_Searchlight’s_ exposure of the involvement of British National
Party activists and others in the Northwest helped to deter further
attacks at that time. We named Michael Calton, a long-time hardline
nazi activist, as one of the main perpetrators of attacks on dozens of
Jewish properties around the country, including cemeteries, shops, homes
and synagogues. Calton fled to France and the incidents tailed off.

Recently, however, Jewish communities in Southampton, Manchester,
Eastbourne and Brighton have been the victim of vandals targeting
cemeteries, communal property and shops.

The police in Brighton, where 60 Jewish graves were wrecked in
September, cautioned a ten-year-old boy who they claimed had carried out
the attack. People who inspected the damage were of the view that if he
had been responsible, he must be some kind of mighty midget. The damage
in Eastbourne would also have needed somebody older.

_Searchlight_ is not trying to cause panic in the Jewish community.
Despite the new factor of Combat 18’s presence, we do not believe
anything on the scale of three and four years ago is happening now. The
present campaign should, however, be nipped in the bud.

Calton is reported to have returned to Britain and the police
should be investigating what he is up to.

One area of serious concern is the failure of the police to stop
the ongoing hoaxes against the Jewish community and others by Alex
Baron. Baron, already on bail on other charges, is continuing to spend
huge amounts of money circulating his trash and antisemitic forgeries
around the country and yet the police claim they are still looking for
the source of the material.

In an abusive letter to _Searchlight_ Baron claims that although
the police seized his computer and printing equipment and the courts
have refused to return it, he has access to other printing facilities
and is using them.

A recent hoax story in the London _Evening Standard_ about a bus
service for Orthodox Jews was Baron’s latest bit of mischief making.

Baron is working with Patrick Harrington’s errand boy Larry O’Hara
and Mark Taha, who has been linked to British Movement, Western Goals,
Monday Club and the League of St. George. Together they are breaking
criminal and civil laws with impunity and it is high time Baron was in
custody to prevent him from continually reoffending.

Meanwhile, the Dowager Jane Lady Birdwood has been summoned to
appear at Bow Street Magistrates’ Court this month on charges of
possessing and distrubuting [sic] racially inflamatory material. Two
years ago she received a conditional sentence at the Old Bailey after
being found guilty on ten similar charges.

The last piece Baron sent is undated:

This leaflet is a response to an article in the March 95 issue of
_Searchlight_, the self-styled anti-fascist magazine. On page 12 of
this issue _Searchlight_ prints a photograph of Larry O’Hara, the anti-
fascist researcher, and gives important clues as to where he works and
where he lives, thereby setting him up for attack by fascists.
Obviously this is not the work of what _Searchlight_ claims itself to
be, an anti-fascist magazine.

Larry O’Hara’s anti-fascist credentials can be established by
reading the articles he wrote analysing British fascism in recent years.
(These appear in issues 23 to 26 of _Lobster_ magazine.) He has also
written two pamphlets (_A Lie Too Far_ and _At War With The Truth_) and
a book (_Turning Up The Heat_: MI5 After The Cold War_) and these too
can be read by anyone interested in finding out what his political views
are. (It is noteworthy that in this article _Searchlight_ has dropped
its earlier smear that O’Hara is an “errand boy” of fascists. But note
the new smear that the magazine _Green Anarchist_ is connected with
fascists.) The reason that I can think of why _Searchlight_ would
attack Larry O’Hara in this way is that his writings have embarrassed
the secret state and that _Searchlight_, which is not an anti-fascist
magazine but a mouthpiece of the secret state, is now fighting back on
behalf of its paymasters.

The article referred to is supposedly writen by Ray Hill but is
thought to be written by Gerry Gable, the editor of _Searchlight_. The
article contains two contradictory statements. The first is that “The
anti-fascist and anarchist movements have started to turn up the heat on
O’Hara.” Have they? Several magazines from the milieus described have
reviewed _Turning Up The Heat_ but, whilst critical, have been in favour
of the book. The contradiction occurs three sentences later when Gable
writes “Even disregarding what he (O’Hara) has said and written about
_Searchlight_, is it not time that the anti-fascist movement took a good
look at this character and worked out his motivation and just whom he is
working with and for.” Well, Gerry, is the anti-fascist movement taking
a good look at Larry, or not? In fact they’re taking a good look at you
and your magazine. You suggest that the anti-fascist movement takes a
look at who Larry O’Hara is working with. I fall into this category as
I am the main person in Phoenix Press which published _Turning Up The
Heat_. So let me help you. My name is Brian Moseley and I work at
Housmans’ Bookshop in Kings Cross. Here I am, Gerry, what are you going
to do about it?

Published by Phoenix Press
PO Box 824
London N1 9DL

Mike Stein The above represents the Absolute Truth.
POB 10420 Therefore it cannot possibly be the official
Arlington, VA 22210 position of my employer.
The Nizkor Project: Remembering the Holocaust (Shoah)

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From the Jewish Chronicle, 10th Sept 1993