Brewster Kyle

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Shofar archives:

“…The three members of a group known as East Side White Pride were
returning from an evening of recruiting, drinking, and partying.
Wearing military jackets, steel-toed boots, and sporting shaved
heads, the racist skinheads – Kenneth Mieske, Steven Strasser, and
Kyle Brewster – stood on a corner about 100 feet from Seraw and his
friends. Brewster said, “Hey, I see a nigger. Let’s go over there
and mess with him.

The skinheads immediately hopped in their car and drove down the
block to the car of the three Ethiopeans. Mieske got out of the car
first and exchanged angry words with Seraw and his companions.
Strasser and Brewster joined in and there was a scuffle.

Then Mieske went further. Moving up behind Seraw, he repeatedly
struck him in the back of the head with a baseball bat, while
Strasser and Brewster kicked all three black men. When it was over
… Seraw was pronounced dead on arrival. He had died as a result of
a fractured skull.” (Levin, 99-100)

“It took only hours for Tom Metzger to publicize his defiant
response to the verdict against him. In a recorded message on his
hate-filled hotline, the head of WAR issued a warning to his ‘new’
targets everywhere. In an emotional statement of purpose, he
proclaimed that ‘we will put blood on the streets like you’ve never
seen and advocate more violence than both World Wars put
together…We have a new set of targets to play with. So if you’re
white and work for the system, watch your step. Whether you be a
system cop, a controlled judge, or a crooked lawyer, your ass is
grass.[5]” (Levin, 103)

[5] Southern Poverty Law Center, “Metzger Warns of More Violence.”

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