Brentar 3, Brentar Jerome

Jerome Brentar is described as a “Stalwart defender of justice for John
Demjanjuk” in an IHR pamphlet flogging audiocassettes of their 11th.

The ad for his tape reads as follows:

JEROME BRENTAR: Jerry Brentar, the most valiant and persistent
defender of John Demjanjuk, discusses, for the first time before an
IHR audience, his own role in fighting and exposing the
OSI-Israeli-Soviet frame-up of the Ukrainian-American falsely
accused as “Ivan the Terrible” of Treblinka. Jerry tells of his
search for evidence on three continents; his personal experience
with the skulduggery and treachery of the OSI; his 1988 “expulsion”
from George Bush’s presidential campaign; and his key part in
educatin Demjanjuk defenders like Congressman Jim Traficant (D-OH),
and journalist and presidential candidate Pat Buchanan.

One can only wonder if Mr. Brentar “educated” Demjanjuk supporters
with regard to the response he received from a Werhmacht witness
(Hubert Pfoch – see his letter in the TREBLINKA sub-archive) who
called Treblinka an extermination camp, after Brentar described it as
a “prison camp for Poles.”

Last-Modified: 1995/02/15