Brags about manipulation 5, Giwer Matt

[email protected] John Morris wrote:

>In <[email protected]>, [email protected] (Chris
>Carpenter) wrote:

>>Late last night, while standing in the backyard, I heard
>>a feindish, manical laughter comming from the direction of Tampa.
>>I _ know_ it was Giwer!

>>Look for a new iteration, an improved version of Giwer. He’s
>>got something up his sleve,

>>You guys run him off for a couple of days and look what happened.

>>Did you think he would not return?
>>Giwer achieves his goals, I’m sure.

>Ah, another “free speech advocate” endorses Matt Giwer’s methods.

Sorry about that. My “metnods” are only to keep this conference on the track fo
revisionism and out of the control of attempted usurpring holohuggers who are
not now and have never been welcome here.

You holohuggers are NOT welcome here.

You holohuggers are posting contrary to the purpose of this newsgroup.

You holohuggers should go back to your soc.jewish,holocaust or whatever NG you
came from.

You are not welcome here.

This is a revisionist conference.

Can you not read the title?

>At the height of his flooding alt.revisionism with reposts, Matt Giwer
>wrote that he would try to make alt.revisionism unreadable until such
>time as the debate was strictly on his terms.

Only because you exterminationist bastards were attempting to take over a
conference that is not yours and does not belong to you. You folks decided to
spam this conference with your exterminationist BS. Come back and stop
complaining when you have a revisionist position to discuss.

>Matt Giwer is an ignorant, stupid man: ignorant of the history he
>claims to debunk, and childishly stupid in his opinions. I say so
>simply that you will know who it is you are so excited to support.

I plead guilty to all of that. I also plead guilty to being the most hated by
holohugger person that ever existed simply because I have posted the truth as I
have seen it.

I have been doubly hated because I have worked against you holohuggers for
attempting to pervert this conference into a holohugger preserve. You
holohuggers have no business here, period. This is for revisionism only.

>Otherwise, who cares? His failure to dominate and control this
>newsgroup was inevitable: no one, no matter how crazy, can set aside
>enough energy to stick their fingers in his ears and yell

I have complete control of this conference any time I choose to dominate it in
that I can make you holohugging assholes meaningless and thwart your attempts to
usurp control of the conference dedicated to revisionism not huggery.

Get the hell out of this conference and take your lying shysters and cowardly
jews hiding behind the telephone and all the rest with you.

Get out of this conference, you stupid jews and holohuggers. Get back to your
own conference where us revisionists will not bother you. Now go away you silly

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> I reserve the right to respond to any post that in any manner
>mentions me in any manner.

> I will continue to do so until this crap stops.

> That is not a problem with me in the least. This can become a
>spam conference as I control it (as has been publically acknowledged)
>or it will get down to cases on my terms.

> There is nothing in between.

> I hope you folks come to understand this.

>”This can become a spam conference . . . or it will get down to cases
>*on my terms*. There is nothing in bewteen.”

>Says it all, don’t you think?

Yes, it does, now go away before I taunt you again a third time. You silly
holohuggers do not belong here. Now go away.

This is not your conference. You are trying to steal it. I am taking it back.

I will do that in any manner I see fit to keep the holohuggers from their
usurpation of the revision discussion.

But like any jew and their holohugging fellow travelers, they will continue to
be here and claim it is their own, as would any thief.