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>>On 4 Sep 1996 05:31:12 GMT, [email protected] (Bob Beck) wrote:
>>>tom moran ([email protected]) wrote:
>>>[blah blah blah]
>>>: for Ken McVay, Director of the anti-hate Website, Nizkor, The
>>>: Holocaust Educational Resource, endorsed by the U.S. Holocaust Museum,
>>>: The Simon Wiesenthal Center and many other Institutions and Websites.
>>>: ——————————————————————–
>>>Sure, sign me up. I mean, I’ve never met Ken McVay, but I like his
>>>website. (He’s obviously a good troll^H^H^H^H^H fisherman too, but living
>>>in Nanaimo, he should be!)
>> It is great to read so many people support criminal copyright
>>violation and conspiract to same.
>> Even Edeiken knows that the legislative history of “educational
>>purposes” does not support Nizkor but he publically posts a legal
>>opinion that such copyright violation is within the law.
>> It is just one more thing to report the the Penn SC.

> What? You are making a threat to report him for offering a legal
> opinion that you deem to be wrong?

Most state bars have rather serious prohibitions against offering
legal opinions in absense of a full and complete knowledge of the
circumstances of the person (persons) in this case that it is being
offered to.

It is not a matter of my agreement. It is a matter of the propriety
of the propriety of giving opinions under these circumstances.

So far as I can see, he has already given opinions that have
encouraged people to admit to conspiracy to libel with McVay in the
event libel can be shown by McVay. Were it not for thier posts
wanting to be included in the lawsuit then they would likely never
have been named and even if named then conspiracy would have to have
ben separately proved but no longer.

So should anyone be caught in this they can recover their losses from
his because of his public legal opinions.

And that is why bar associations do not take kindly to such opinions.

> You really went downhill since Grynspan started in on you.

Grynspan wishes as do you.

Nothing you
> post anymore ever makes any sense (not that you were Shakespeare
> before). Your posts seem to be divided between gibberish and idle
> threats (this being an example of that latter). The rest of us learned
> not to be afraid of such things when the third grade bully was put in
> his place. You, somehow, never got that lesson, huh?

> Well, keep posting. Grynspan’s responses tearing you to shreads make
> amusing reading…

You keep reading them and keep posting about them. That will waste
your time while I concentrate on posting the idiocies of the
holohuggers. I will post just enough to you folks to keep you
interested and keep your limited time wasted.

I have 18 hours a day seven days a week if I wish.

I have not posted to McFly in at least a week and he is still ranting
about. It certainly keeps you folks from doing anything contructive.


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